We are famous for our services and working with production companies, music festivals, and theatrical shows. This is all thanks to our entertainment focused staff! Take a look at all the iconic music artists, shows, and special events we've serviced.

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November 16, 2019

To celebrate the release of their new album, Sum 41 spent the month of October on their Order In Decline tour. It's our second time delivering our industrial CO2 and propane cylinders to their entire tour for the use of special effects.

October 23, 2019

Aftershock is the most epic rock/metal music festival! The best and most influential artists of the genre made it here and killed it on stage. With the special effects working alongside our CO2 tanks and propane tanks, we helped make this festival look more epic than i...

September 29, 2019

The summer season is over. The Imagine Music Festival came along to celebrate aquatic themes, imagination, great music, and the best of summer. We got to attend and deliver our CO2 and propane gas tanks to make this event one heck of a party!

September 2, 2019

We have the best CO2 delivery service in Michigan. If you're in the market to get a gas cylinder for short term use, we are your best bet. Check out all the services that make us Michigan's go-to industrial gas delivery service.

August 18, 2019

We have the best CO2 delivery service in the United States, but turns out some of the more common places we visit to make these deliveries are in Austin, Texas. We can deliver our tanks anywhere in Austin, whether its a stadium, theater stage, nightclub, or an outdoor...

August 8, 2019

It's not often we get to share moments where we deliver gas cylinders to TV & movie studios. Our story this time is of assisting with behind development and special effects of the Netflix Original Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. Imagine what other shows and movies w...

July 28, 2019

So many of our customers live in the most populated city in America. That's New York City of course! We've delivered lots of our gas tanks to this iconic city, and our goals and motives help make us one of the best options for gas deliveries in the Big Apple.

July 11, 2019

The legendary Paul McCartney, a former member of the Beatles, is on tour. We'll be supporting his new Freshen Up music tour throughout its entirety by making deliveries to every location he plans to visit.

June 28, 2019

The Fortnite World Cup tournament is here and every weekend will see some action jumping from the battle bus. The finals are gonna take place in late June and we'll be there to help out with the event's visuals with a CO2 delivery and special effects.

June 17, 2019

Electric Daisy Carival is one of the flashiest EDM festivals in the world recently took place in Las Vegas. We had the honor of helping the staff of this awesome EDM festival by delivering our carbon dioxide and propane tanks to the festival. It's pretty crazy how...

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