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CO2 Masters Delivers for Life in Color Miami's 2018 Return!

Life in Color Miami 2018

On January 14, 2018, bright, neon colors painted the night sky in Southern Florida. At the Mana Wynwood Convention Center, the city of Miami saw its biggest party to ever be held in history. Life in Color Miami made its first return of the year, splashing the crowd with vibrant colors and hyping things up with EDM music. Artists like 21 Savage, Lil Pump, Anthony Pisano, Snails, and many more made appearances at the party, contributing their performances on stage.

Life in Color has been around for years, touring the world with festivities aimed at adults and local college students. EDM music and washable neon paint are the main focus of the experience. Along with these are DIY paint stations, where everyone can paint the walls with their own creations with their buckets of paint. If they prefer to paint their friends, well, they can do that too. It’s all good. Especially since everyone’s getting themselves painted by DJs throwing paint buckets and firing paint cannons. Also, giant party robots walked and danced on stage spraying paint everywhere too! You definitely don’t see that at your everyday EDM festival, especially one with a heavy emphasis on glowing paint.

While Life in Color is a worldwide phenomenon, it always holds its biggest party in Miami at least once every year, so there had to be a lot of paint. We helped the festival staff prepare their paint and equipment last year. Now we’re known for delivering CO2 tanks for entertainment companies and festivals, not for transporting paint. But, our CO2 tanks are compatible with tons of gadgets and equipment that rely on industrial gas to make them work. Cryo jets shoot cold, puffy smoke effects, while the paint cannons shoot… well, paint of course. And even their giant party robots did the same thing, but out of their arms instead. These work with our cylinders and played a small part in making the party succeed with flying colors!

We’ll be there to deliver the next paint party we’re invited to assist with. Miami most likely won’t be getting another paint party like this 2019. However, Life in Color will soon appear in many locations in the U.S and around the world, so there will be many more opportunities to join the world famous paint party this year.

For info about our gas cylinders, especially for entertainment purposes, check our ordering page. For any questions, you can contact us.

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