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CO2 and Propane Tanks Delivered and Operated for Rolling Loud Music Festival

The city of Miami, Florida is home to beautiful beaches and tons of exciting events. There are many opportunities to enjoy the luxuries of tropical life. Great hot weather, music, ocean views, and good friends are to be expected in this Floridian city. We’ve had many moments to see the many events that take place in Miami, from conventions to music festivals. Recently in Miami took place one of the biggest and music festivals to take place in Florida: the Rolling Loud Music Festival. The recent Rolling Loud Music Festival was held from May 10th-12th. It took place at the Hard Rock Stadium, located in Miami Gardens. It went on from the afternoon well into 12am midnight. Believe it or not, Rolling Loud is actually one of the largest hip-hop festivals ever. It is a 3 day event that features some of the most well known and underrated hip hop artists out there. Migos, Travis Scott, and Kid Cudi were part of the lineup, but there were another hundred that played their role on stage as well.

We had the chance to attend Rolling Loud in Miami, actually. We were requested to because our services would help make every performance something truly amazing! Our goal is to provide an affordable and professional gas rental service for many special events with a focus on entertainment. What these events use our gas tanks for is unique compared to some of the more common uses for industrial gases. In most scenarios, our gas rental service is used in the form of special effects. We deliver them to thousands of venues and stadiums within the United States, servicing sporting events, nightclubs, award ceremonies, theatrical shows, movie studios, and especially music festivals and concerts.

Thanks to both our gas cylinders and installation team, we ended up having a hand in helping the staff of the festival. For each day, special effects were used to enhance the stage’s visuals. Our CO2 cylinders and even our propane tanks would help create the special effects used in this big music festival. Spontaneous puffs of cold smoke, artificial fog, cryoguns, pyrotechnics, sparkler machines, and confetti blasters were all present in the music festival. Those visuals added a great sense of spectacle to each performance, making the whole festival truly epic! Rolling Loud was a fantastic 3 day music festival for hip hop fans in Miami, and there will certainly be more to look forward to in the near future. Although Rolling Loud is over, it will return later on in the year to Florida again, but will be held in the bay area. After that, it will take place in Southern California around mid-December. The staff of this hip hop festival is even looking to expand to other parts of the world besides America.

We’re so fortunate to be able to deliver gas tanks to lots of music festivals in the United States, especially ones as big as Rolling Loud! So many production managers have had great experiences with how simple, affordable, and professional our services are. Some were impressed to the point where we were requested to deliver to multiple locations throughout a long period of time, thanks to our full tour support! We can deliver our tanks anywhere within the United States and in some areas in Canada. If you just need to rent a gas tank, whether its carbon dioxide, propane, or nitrogen, we’re here for you! If you’ve got special effects machines, we’re willing to help install them to our cylinders as well! We’ll do whatever’s within our best efforts to get your gas cylinders delivered to your venue and to make our services satisfying to you.

If you’re in need of renting a gas cylinder, you can place an order online over here. If you prefer calling, our number is 877-280-5321.

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