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Frequently Asked Questions

What are CO2 Masters’ hours of service?

Our customer service reps answer phone calls and respond to emails every Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm EST. We have after hours service so someone will answer any emergency questions. Gas deliveries occur Monday-Friday 8-4 pm. If you do not receive your gas by 2 pm, please call us immediately. 


You can fill out the New Customer Application anytime, any day. Same thing goes with emailing us, although if you contact us in this way after hours, we might not respond back until the next open business day mentioned above. You can also place an order with us at anytime and any day you want, but only if it’s done on the website. Gas rental orders may be done over the phone too, but can only be placed during our hours of service.

What are the cylinder grades CO2 Masters have in stock?

We carry a total of 3 different grades:

  • Medical-grade

  • Industrial-grade

  • Food-grade

I have never purchased gas from CO2 Masters before. Do I need to complete the “New Customer Application”?

If you have never ordered gas from us before, then yes. You need to head over to our gas delivery page and choose “New Customer Application”. Fill in all of the required fields (your name, phone number, email, address, and company name). Afterwards, add your payment options. Once you have finished filling in all of the required information, read through and accept our terms and conditions regarding the services we offer.

I want to order gas from CO2 Masters again. Do I need to complete the “New Customer Application” more than once?

No you don’t. The New Customer Application only needs to be completed one time if you are looking to place your very first order at CO2 Masters. You can order gas from us as often as you want without having to fill it out a second or third time!

Can the New Customer Application be completed via phone call?

No. The only thing you can call us for is if you are placing an order for gas, or if you have any questions or concerns about anything. The New Customer Application, however, cannot. It must be completed through our website.

How do I order gas?

Once you have completed our New Customer Application (which must be completed before ordering), you are ready to start the ordering process. There are a few required fields that need filling in when on this page.

Location & Contact Information

We need to know where exactly the gas cylinders are going. You want to put its location under the “Venue Name” field. We also require as much contact info as necessary. If anything wrong happens, we can get in contact with you and give updates as to what is happening (e.g., gas delivery has been delayed or gas pickup is delayed). Your name and email is required. We will also need the delivery contact name and number. Make sure to also mention the best way we can contact and communicate with you, just in case anything that needs to be addressed suddenly comes up.

Pickup & Delivery Options

We have trucks that will take the gas cylinder you ordered and bring them to your venue. In the first required field, select the most convenient date you want your gas delivered. The second required field asks when you want the delivery truck to come back and pick up the gas cylinder once you have finished using it. Pick a date convenient for you.

If you prefer not to have one of our drivers come and drop off your gas tank, you can come to a local branch near you and pick it up there. You can do the same for when you have finished using your cylinder. Instead of having our truck drivers come to pick it up, you may drop it off at a local branch near you if you so desire to.

If you have any specific instructions regarding delivery, please let us know in the “Delivery Instruction” field. This bit isn’t required, but it helps to know any additional details and directions you may have for us.


The ordering page has 4 different types of gases available: helium, nitrogen, propane, and CO2. Choose the right gas type as well as size meant for you. After you have chosen what specific gas cylinder you want, fill in how much you need in the “Quantity” field. You are allowed to do this 3 times in one order placement, but only one is required. There is also an option to include a bag of CO2 washers with the order. They help prevent any potential gas leaks. They are cheap and are highly recommended for safety purposes.

Can you do same-day delivery?

Unfortunately no. Although, we are capable of next-day delivery. We always recommend you place your order a few days in advance before you actually need gas cylinder(s).

Can you deliver gas cylinders on the weekends?

Our gas cylinder deliveries take place from Monday-Friday. We cannot deliver on the weekends. We recommend you place an order and ask for it to be delivered any day before the weekend in question comes.

Can my gas cylinders be shipped overseas?

No. Our gas delivery services are only available in the United States and Canada. We cannot deliver outside of these countries.

How will I receive my invoice?

After you've completed the New Customer Application and placed an order with CO2 Masters, you will receive your invoice via email shortly after. There will be a link in the email sending you to a page where you can pay it automatically. If for whatever reason the email doesn’t appear in your inbox, check the spam folder.

When exactly should I pay off the invoice?

You must pay off the invoice first before you can receive your gas cylinders. Although, you don’t have to pay it as soon as you receive it. You can pay it at any time that’s most convenient for you, as long as it’s done before the gas cylinders get delivered.

What forms of payment are accepted for paying my invoice?

Your invoice can only be paid using your credit card. We do not accept any other forms of payment. Your credit card information would be filled out in the New Customer Application.

Will I be given any extra charges or fees after receiving my gas cylinders?

No. The only thing you have to pay is the invoice you receive when you place a gas order with us. There will not be anything else to pay for after the invoice, so there are no extra charges or fees to worry about!

My gas cylinder hasn’t been delivered yet. Where is it?

We apologize if our delivery truck hasn’t come to drop off your gas cylinder yet. There is a chance it is on it’s way a little later than anticipated. If you want a good idea as to how much longer the delivery will take, or where the truck with your gas is, you may contact us. We will get to you as soon as possible.

If, for any reason, we are unable to deliver the cylinders on the day you expected them, we will make arrangements to have the delivery date moved over to another day. Usually, we'll move it to the next day, but you can let us know if you want a different date instead.

The pick up truck hasn’t come to pick up my cylinders yet. When will it be here?

We’re sorry about our pickup truck being late. You may contact us to get a good general idea as to how much longer you have to wait. If an inconvenience has come up, we will give you an update as to what happened and we will make arrangements for your gas to be picked up at a different time and/or date.

I am not satisfied with what I payed for. Can I return it or get a refund?

We apologize about your dissatisfaction with any of our products. If you are looking for information regarding refunds or item returns, please refer to our Returns & Refund Policy page.

Can I cancel my gas order?

Yes. Contact us and tell us to cancel the order you placed.

What products are available for purchase in the Online Store?

Our online store has a variety of gas accessories and other products that ensure safety. Some of these products are required for specific applications (e.g. a helium regulator to fill up balloons). You may also need a specific nut and nipple to control inert pressure or outlet pressure.

We also carry equipment meant for the use of handling compressed gas cylinders, tracking gas pressure in the ambient air, and preventing damage to yourself, others, and the area around you. These products are meant to prevent as many accidents as possible from happening; from a gas cylinder getting damaged, to someone feeling nauseous or even getting frostbite. They are required to use in order to keep you as safe as possible and to keep you in line with OSHA’s General Regulations for Compressed Gas.

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