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Dollar Bills

Pricing & Billing

Pricing and Billing

Price Fluctuation

We offer low flat rates for all gas cylinders. The type and size of the gas you ask for all contribute to aspects of the cylinder’s final price. The prices for gas cylinders tend to fluctuate often in a similar way gasoline prices do. Sometimes when websites don’t show the price of a product, it means the price could change from location to location. So, when you ask for the price of our cylinders, we will be upfront with our prices and promise that pricing to you throughout the United States.

Many gas companies try to add hidden hazmat fees delivery fees fuel surcharges and who knows what else. We are different we promise flat rate pricing and everything is included in your final price. All cylinder have a rental charge that is both economic and competitive. 

Upfront Payment

For the most part, we bill and ask for our payments upfront, meaning we require payment sometime before you receive your goods or services. There is a very important upside to this. You will not receive any surprise rental bills or surcharges. This allows you to keep on budget. Many gas companies (you know who you are) are notorious for sending you additional bills due to clerical issues or miscommunication.


All gas sales are final. By law, all cylinders must be purged and cleaned once returned. This is to prevent any tampering of the cylinders or gases, which can cause serious safety concerns. This practice is used by all gas companies. Any refund requests will be processed on a case by case basis. Ultimately, our goal is to make you, the customer, happy.

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