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CO2 Masters has a whole network of gas suppliers all across the United States of America, as well as some parts of Canada. Combine this with our team of truck drivers making fast-paced CO2 deliveries, we are the go-to company for CO2 delivery and rental services. To put a focus on the rental aspect of our services, we’re gonna be discussing what we do that makes us different from other gas suppliers.

As some of you may know, renting CO2 tanks can be a bit complicated. A few of the logistics in regards to industrial gas rentals in general are pretty basic and straightforward, but many of them are pretty confusing and technical. The way we initiated and perform our services accomplishes a couple of our company’s main goals: it makes the prices of gas cylinders less expensive, and it makes all those complicated technicalities less of a hassle. We have the latter under control.

Once the day for the cylinders to be returned has finally come, our staff comes to pick up the rented tanks and returning them back to its gas supplier for a CO2 tank refill, ready for the next client to use. Due to policies regarding industrial gas rental services, if the cylinder is empty, they must remain that way until the return date. We do the refilling ourselves.

The point in our CO2 rental service has to do with being transparent with our pricing, keeping the prices at a low, flat rate, and making things painless and more simpler for the customer, which would be you! We do whatever’s possible in order to be the best industrial gas company you’ll ever have the privilege of ordering from, performing the best CO2 delivery Tampa, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many other cities in the US will ever have to offer! We do the delivering, returning, and refilling of CO2 tanks siphon and non-siphon. All you have to do is place the order, wait for the delivery, and you can use your CO2 tanks for special effects, soda machines, refrigeration, you name it!

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