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Carin Leon And CO2 Special FX At The Rosemont Theater This Weekend

Carin Leon is a Latin artist born in Mexico who grew up with music since infancy. His music is typically associated with the Latin, Ranchera, and even hyper-traditional genres. With his songwriting and strong traditional-styled instrumentation, he’s brought some of the best music in said genres since 2010.

He’s currently touring the United States. You can see him this weekend in Rosemont, Illinois at the Rosemont Theater. That’s where we’ll be too. Our team is about industrial gas cylinders and their place in the entertainment industry. Most of the time, we’re found behind the scenes of multiple music festivals and stadiums installing our gas cylinders to other equipment.

You can expect various CO2 powered special effects at the 2-day concert event. The production team behind the event will have their special effect equipment all ready. All we have to do is get our cylinders to the venue. That’s where our delivery team comes into play, getting gas cylinders delivered as fast as possible. Our installers are who get the CO2 tanks hooked up to the staff’s cryo equipment. Without our CO2 tank deliveries, the equipment won’t get the right power necessary for the extra flair on stage.

Out of the experiences we’ve had with the music industry and delivering CO2 tanks to various concerts in the United States, we’ve never before shared our time with an international singer! We’ll be at the Rosemont Theater this weekend helping with the special event. Be sure to catch Carin Leon February 26th & 27th at Illinois’ Rosemont Theater.

If you’re in the entertainment industry in need of a gas cylinder, we’re bound to be the most affordable choice in gas products meant for special events. Our services include a team of outstanding delivery drivers and expert installers. Our gas prices are at a consistent flat rate compared to other companies. Choose between carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, and propane cylinders.

Order a gas cylinder from our rental page or by dialing 877-280-5321. We can’t wait to work with you!


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