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Ordering Process

If You're a New Customer

If you're in need of a CO2 delivery service, or are looking for any industrial gas delivery service, we're the best option! We deliver our compressed gases to any and all major cities in the United States and Canada. If you are looking to order any of our gases, you want to head over to the Customer Portal, read through and accept our terms of service. At this point, scroll to the bottom. If you have never ordered CO2 or any other gases from us before, you want to go to "New Customer Application" and fill in all the required fields. This allows you to create an account for any orders you plan on making now and in the future.

Placing the Gas Order

After you’ve created your account (or if you are a returning customer), you can call us to place an order. If you want to order gas online instead, head over to "Place Gas Order". The venue is the location the gas will be delivered to. Fill in the venue’s name, address, and its contact information (contact name and #). The cylinder type allows you to choose the type of gas you’re looking to purchase. You can choose up to 3 types of these and the quantity of each one of them. If you need any washers, you can order as many as you need. Enter your preferred gas pickup date afterwards. Below that field, fill in your gas return date. If you have any additional notes or instructions that we should know about regarding the delivery, add them in the field below the return date.


Below the additional notes are the delivery and pickup choices. If you need a truck driver to deliver and/or pick up the gas, one of our drivers will come to your venue to do so for you. If you can pick up the gas yourself, choose “Local Branch Pickup”. If you want to return the gas without our help, choose “Local Branch Return”. If you’d like a driver to do any of this, choose “Truck Delivery” for it to be delivered, and “Truck Return” to have it picked up from your venue and returned to the headquarters. Be sure to add the best way to contact you, that way if anything ever goes wrong or if you haven’t gotten your gas yet, we can communicate with you and try to help and update you with anything that happens.

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