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About Carbon Dioxide and How We Use It

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What is Carbon Dioxide? Is it Bad?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a type of colorless, odorless gas that is produced naturally. There are many ways this is possible: by natural decay, weathering, the burning of fossil fuels, and just by simply breathing. Many times, carbon dioxide is viewed in a really bad light, but it’s actually very helpful for both human life and the environment. Without it, photosynthesis wouldn’t be possible which means plants wouldn't grow. Could you imagine the impact of no living plants? Life as we know it would not existent.

When both humans and animals breathe, CO2 is released into the air. Plants take in that gas and eventually release oxygen, which everyone needs in order to live. We breathe in the oxygen, we exhale the CO2, plants take that CO2, they release that CO2, and you’ve got yourself the carbon cycle at work. And as mentioned before, CO2 can also be produced through decay, weathering, and fossil fuel burning. Those methods also have CO2 released in the air for plants to take advantage of.

CO2 Plants

Clearly, without it, oxygen probably wouldn’t exist, and we wouldn’t even be alive either. So plants use CO2 to benefit us. Meanwhile, people use it in many different ways. For entertainment, industrial, and even medical purposes.

Using CO2

Probably the most common use for carbon dioxide is soda carbonation. Besides this, freezing the gas can turn it into a solid, becoming dry ice, which is good for long-term refrigeration. In the field of medicine, surgeons use it for blood related issues and in certain surgeries. As a side note, there are very specific cylinders meant for the medical field. The ones supplied for us aren't meant for this field of work.

CO2 is especially used in many forms of entertainment. Theatrical smoke and fog is used in movies, concerts, theme parks, special shows, and even parties to create special effects. For example, atmospheric low-flying fog can help fit both the scene and mood of a party, theatrical show, or movie scene. In a concert, lasers can be seen visibly shooting across the air due to them hitting the smoke and reflecting off of it in the dark. As technology grows, there will be more ways to discover what else carbon dioxide can do.

Is CO2 Safe?

As long as you follow the OSHA regulations set in place for industrial gas cylinders, carbon dioxide can definitely be safe. If you have CO2 being used in your facility, it’s very important to monitor the CO2 levels in all enclosed areas. A CO2 monitor will do the job, keeping control of and tracking CO2 concentrations, which are measured in parts per million. Too much CO2 pressure can easily cause sickness or drowsiness. In some extreme cases, it can lead to oxygen deprivation, brain damage, or even death.

Where To Buy CO2 Tanks

A majority of the gas supplier companies out there carry carbon dioxide cylinders. They even deliver them as efficiently and safely as possible.

We sell CO2 and other gases at low flat rates across the United States and Canada, as well as the supplies needed for gas cylinders to be used properly and safely. Our team can help you safely acquire gas for whatever events or jobs you need them for. Feel free to call us at 877-280-5321 and a sales rep will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns. You can also place an order here directly from our website.

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