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About Carbon Dioxide and How We Use It

Image by Anisur Rahman
What is Carbon Dioxide? Is it Bad?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a type of colorless, odorless gas that is produced naturally. There are many ways this is possible: by natural decay, weathering, the burning of fossil fuels, and just by simply breathing. Many times, carbon dioxide is viewed in a really bad light, but it’s actually very helpful for both human life and the environment. Without it, photosynthesis wouldn’t be possible which means plants wouldn't grow. Could you imagine the impact of no living plants? Life as we know it would not existent.

When both humans and animals breathe, CO2 is released into the air. Plants take in that gas and eventually release oxygen, which everyone needs in order to live. We breathe in the oxygen, we exhale the CO2, plants take that CO2, they release that CO2, and you’ve got yourself the carbon cycle at work. And as mentioned before, CO2 can also be produced through decay, weathering, and fossil fuel burning. Those methods also have CO2 released in the air for plants to take advantage of.

CO2 Plants

Clearly, without it, oxygen probably wouldn’t exist, and we wouldn’t even be alive either. So plants use CO2 to benefit us. Meanwhile, people use it in many different ways. For entertainment, industrial, and even medical purposes.

Using CO2

Probably the most common use