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Our New Partnership

...With Grower Masters!

At CO2 Masters, we are always making efforts to make the process of getting compressed gas cylinders accessible and easy. We’ve been delivering a variety of gases to thousands of companies with the help of our simplistic ordering process and a reliable delivery service. As we continue to grow, we take advantage of unique opportunities to make everything as easy as possible for our customers. Because of this, we are proud to announce that we are teaming up with our sister company, Grower Masters, to help them with their CO2 cannabis equipment. They are well-known for their CO2 installation, repair work, and consultations meant for cannabis grow facilities. With their expertise and our CO2 services, the CO2 cannabis installs can be even more convenient for customers managing their grow facilities.


If you’re looking for help setting up equipment for the benefit of your cannabis grow facility, you can look at their site to see what they’re capable of.

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