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Rental Agreement


CO2 Masters LLC Product Rental Agreement

CO2 Masters hereby rents CO2 and other gas cylinders referred to as rented equipment, & accessories to Renter/Client by selecting agree below; subject to all terms & conditions of this agreement, in consideration whereof Renter acknowledges and agrees. Renter acknowledges CO2 Masters does not own or manufacture cylinders and any malfunction is sole responsibility of vendor used to distribute gas. CO2 Masters offers logistics as well as negotiating bulk pricing from vendors as a service by this agreement.


1. This agreement consists of all the terms and conditions on this page and information used will be used to fulfill this application, credit authorization, invoice and waiver of technician printed or written. “Renter” means the person(s)/company signing the Agreement and any other person or organization billed by CO2 Masters at the direction of the person signing, all of who shall be jointly and


Understood By *

Title Of Signee *

Date Of Signature *

Company Of Signee *


Severally liable here under. “CO2 , Helium, Nitrogen, Cylinder, Bulk, Dewar” means the equipment identified on the invoice and all the accessories attached thereto or contained therein or linked information found on be used to fufill these terms.

2. This is an agreement of rental only. It is expressly agreed that the Renter is not an agent, servant or employee of CO2 Masters LLC for any purpose, condition, or circumstance for, or in which the rented equipment is involved while being operated by Renter.

3. Renter shall return rented equipment & accessories in the same condition received, except for ordinary wear, at during and at the location where rented, on the return date specified in the contract agreement. Renter is liable for full value of rented equipment and other charges that may become due for any neglect or carelessness on Renter’s part in handling rented equipment or handing over to anyone other than CO2 Masters.


If a technician is not retained for an event, it is the Renter's responsibility to call 404-644-2801 or 877-280-5321 for assistance.

4. Security deposit due at signing with credit card on file for specified dates & equipment for rental.
Cancellation within 30 days results in loss of deposit/payment. If Event is less than 30 days all rentals require an immediate non-refundable 100% payment. No refunds will be issued if client cancels event within 30 days of event date. The contract balance amount is due before actual shipment of the rental equipment. Any cancellations will be issued a credit for future events at CO2 Masters discretion. Any deposit not requested 30 days after last event will transferred towards company credit for future events.

5. Deposit of $200 for 4 or fewer cylinders. For multiple cylinder rentals over 4 a $250 deposit is required with credit card on file. Upon returning equipment & accessories at end of rental period and no damages occur, deposit will be refunded. This deposit is waived with a monthly membership and annual dues.

6. Renter holds CO2 Masters, its owners, agents and employees, harmless from all claims for loss or damage to personal property of Renter or any other person that may be in contact or associated with rented equipment and/or accessories. Renter agrees to have full permission from hosting location and releases CO2 Masters from obligation if not.

7. Renter shall pay on demand the sum total of all expenses for:
(a) Time/Days computed at the rates shown on contract agreement
(b) Shipping/Freight Charges for shipment of rented equipment and accessories
(c) Installation Fees if applicable
(d) If rate does not include membership it can be purchased at $30 / month with a $250 annual fee. (not applicable in all states)
(e) If Technician is necessary, Technicians rates per day-$250.00 plus transportation and accommodations if
(f) Owner’s cost, including Attorney’s fees, incurred in collecting payments due from Renter under this agreement
(g) Damages and/or service charges in the event of an accident is Renter’s fault
(h) Spare parts and accessories missing from rented equipment, however, lost or damaged
(i) Damages to rented equipment or personal property
(j) Damages to rented equipment or property if rental period has expired and rented equipment is not returned
(k) Late penalties of $150 per week, per cylinder if rented equipment is not returned at end of rental period
(l) Late penalties of $50.00 per day, per accessory if accessory is not returned at end of rental period

(m) Early termination fee of $100

8. No right of this Agreement may be waived or modified except by written instrument signed by the Managing
Director or Chairman of CO2 Masters.


9. Make checks payable to: CO2 Masters Be sure to note your invoice number on the check.

10. Final payment must be received before shipment or when CO2 Masters LLC sees fit of rented equipment, gas, and accessories or the date indicated on the contract agreement.

11. Co2 Masters performs rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, CO2 Masters guarantees
performance and client guarantees full payment of contract agreement.

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