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CO2, Helium, and Other Gases We Offer


Seeing as our company name is CO2 Masters, it’s very clear that we sell carbon dioxide and make CO2 deliveries all the time. However, as a gas supplier, we have more than just CO2. We provide a wide range of gases such as helium, nitrogen, propane, and other specialty gases, such as liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen. When ordering carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, or propane, please be aware they will be stored in compressed gas cylinders (sometimes referred to as gas tanks or gas bottles). Liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen must be stored in dewars due to their cold storage temperatures.


Depending on the job, you will need to order gas in a volume or weight. You should check with our staff the recommended volume for the application it will be utilized in. If you aren’t sure what specific size you should order, we can help determine which is recommended.

Carbon Dioxide

The most common carbon dioxide cylinder sizes we carry are 20 lb cylinders and 50 lb cylinders. You can order ones smaller than 20 lbs if need be, but please contact our support staff to check in your area. 75 lbs and 100 lbs cylinders do exist, but they’re hard to find, thus rendering them very expensive. Because of this, you would actually be better off getting two 50 lbs cylinders instead of one 100 lbs cylinder.


Like CO2, propane cylinder sizes are also measured in pounds. The most common sizes sold are 20 lbs, which are used as BBQ tanks, and 33 lbs, usually ideal for carburetion (as a source of fuel for machinery). The heaviest size we carry is 100 lbs.

Helium, Non Liquid Nitrogen, & Oxygen

These gases in particular are ordered and measured in cubic feet. The most common sizes we carry are for these are 80, 125, 200, 300, cubic feet.


Gases have many different type of applications and uses. Whether it’d be for soda carbonation, balloon inflating, or creating cinematic special effects, we carry specific gas grades meant specifically for the application it requires. The grade determines and changes how it is handled, how it’s stored, and how it’s meant to be used. As a gas supplier, we carry industrial-grade cylinders and food-grade cylinders as well. Medical grade gases can also be available depending on your location. It is important to get the correct grade for whatever the application requires. Some think that industrial and food-grade cylinders are basically the same. They’re not! If you need a gas cylinder for any food related purposes, then for legal reasons, you are required to get food-grade gas and cylinders.

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