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Image by Vishnu R Nair

Our Focus

Here's what we're all about!

Our Story

Traveling the country from venue to venue, city to city, from one event to another, we kept stumbling on the same issues. We could not find a reliable, efficient or consistent gas delivery company with a great reputation in the industry. We noticed prices were inconsistent and highway robbery at times. This caused many issues while trying to price out tours and rider costs. After all these headaches, we were determined to create the first and only gas company managed by special event professionals.

From humble beginnings, we had the pleasure of working with some of the most influential names in the industry. After many brainstorming sessions and countless man hours, we used new AI technology to help create the most comprehensive delivery software in the country that is 100% built with the event industry in mind.

Our Success Rates

Ask any gas company what their delivery success rate is on scheduled delivery date. They cannot give you a number. If they do, they might be embarrassed. Our success rate with initial delivery services is 98.7%, with a 99% success rate on second attempt deliveries if, on the same day, the gas doesn't deliver. This give you a 1% chance of failure, unprecedented in the gas event industry. This doesn’t include countless man hours on your part to have cylinders picked up and billing corrected.

We have partnered with great providers such as Airgas and other local vendors to create a secure network for delivery success.

Our reputation has spread through nightclubs, festivals, production companies, tour managers, and as of recently, we've even have had referrals from restaurants looking for a more reliably managed company. You can get a full list of our other events here!

Our promise is that we will not stop until we have exhausted all avenues to make your event possible. We understand all the equipment and how urgent it is to get every delivery completed!

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