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Helium Deliveries and Custom Clouds at Outback Bowl 2020

Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL
Image via Aaron Goodyear (

Our gas cylinder delivery service is known to be the best in multiple entertainment-related events, from annually held special events to full length music tours. The special effects that are present at these events are made possible with the help of our industrial gas cylinders. Our CO2 tanks, and sometimes our nitrogen tanks, get installed alongside smoke jets and confetti blasters. They make the ceremonies and parties something to truly celebrate and get excited about, painting the scene with cold puffs of smoke and tons of confetti flying high into the air! Our propane tanks also get some use, with the getting some use with different forms of pyrotechnics, from flame machines to sky-high fireworks. We don’t get to shine the light on our helium cylinders very often though. They do get used for more than just balloon filling, you know. This time, we got a helium delivery over at a football game.

Every year on either the 1st or 2nd of January in Tampa, FL, the Outback Bowl is usually one of the first football games to be anticipated in the new year. This year’s game was on January 1st at the Raymond James Stadium, and saw the Minnesota Golden Gophers against the Auburn Tigers in the college football bowl game. The Auburn Tigers defeated the Golden Gophers with a lead of 31-24.

The Outback Bowl actually been one of the few events that we consistently have had the privilege of making gas deliveries to every year. Our helium tanks got some use here. They were installed alongside the tech that created custom-built clouds for each team. Outback Bowl staff does this hours before the game starts, where the clouds would be shaped into the logos of each football team and some sponsors. The clouds are of a soapy, foamy texture and are eco friendly and easy to cut and shape into custom logos. The team behind the cloud’s technology used our helium tanks to get them to float in the air.

We’ve been helping Outback Bowl with this multiple times, and we’ve even had the opportunity to support other sporting events as well as a countless number of special events throughout the years too! CO2 Masters is comprised of entertainment experts who specialize in gas deliveries especially for those in the sports, event, and entertainment industries. From annual music festivals to full length music tours, and from conventions to special experiences, we will be more than happy to support your special event with our fast and affordable industrial gas delivery services!

We have helium, CO2, nitrogen, and propane tanks waiting to be rented! If you’re ready to order a gas tank, you can make your online gas order over here. To place the order via phone call, you can talk to us at 877-280-5321. We’re excited to soon be working with you at the start of this new year and new decade!

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