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Presenting CO2 Cylinder FX to Chicago vs New York Hockey Game

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If you know us, we’re famous for our support in the entertainment and event industries. We’ve been behind the scenes with thousands of special event staff members managing music festivals, local nightclubs, and parties. On some occasions, we’ll get an opportunity to assist sports games. Recently, We had the opportunity to help out a hockey game with our gas deliveries. A game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the New York Rangers had taken place. It was held in Chicago, IL at the United Center, which is the home court for the Chicago Hawkeyes and the Chicago Bulls.

With our gas delivery trucks and gas tanks on hand, we made our way over to the United Center so that we could help get the CO2 special effects ready. Special effects are an excellent way to add spectacular visual elements to any special events, even a hockey game. In most scenarios, our CO2 cylinders will be used during the opening, when each team runs onto the arena. Cryo jets are used in those situations, allowing each player to appear as a silhouette until suddenly appearing clearly out of the smoke. In trophy ceremonies, other special effects machines are operated too. Cryo jets are only the beginning. Confetti cannons are operated for the momentous occasion of awarding the trophy to the champions of the game. If it’s taking place at an outdoor field or outdoor arena, you could potentially see fireworks in the sky.

As long as they’re properly installed and are operated by trained professionals, our CO2 tanks (and sometimes our nitrogen and propane tanks) can get the special effects machines to do what they do. These are commonly used in sports ceremonies for their opening ceremonies, trophy presentations, and even the halftime show. We don’t always get the chance to make gas deliveries to sport-related events. Regardless, it is always a pleasure to be able to service these events. Whether its baseball, football, basketball, soccer, or hockey, we’ll be available to make all the industrial gas deliveries you need!

The United Center at Chicago, IL
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Our gas cylinders are the perfect tool to help make so many different special effects possible, from cryo machines to pyrotechnics! If you need to rent CO2 gas cylinders, propane tanks, or nitrogen tanks, we’re here for you. You’ll get to know us as one of the best gas rental services ever! We’ve supported some of the greatest in music, theater, and entertainment by pulling off some of the quickest and most convenient gas rental services available everywhere throughout the United States, and even select areas in Canada. We’ll go anywhere you need us to at nearly anytime during the day!

If you’re in either the music, event, or entertainment industry, we’re your best option for gas rentals in the United States! To order gas tanks now, you can find our online gas ordering page here. If you prefer calling, our number is 877-280-5321. Either way, we’ll be here to assist you with your gas delivery and rental service needs!

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