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CO2 Delivery Made For Special Effects At The Pepsi Zero Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

Lady Gaga performing at the Halftime Show

Everybody knows that the Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, especially in the United States! The Super Bowl LI was held on February 5th, 2017 at the NRG Stadium in Houston, TX. Fans all across America joined together to watch the game and the much anticipated halftime show. We actually had the the honor of putting our small part to make the halftime show as epic and exciting as possible.

The Pepsi Zero Super Bowl LI Halftime Show was one of the most popular music events of the year. Lady Gaga made her second Super Bowl debut this year, with her first time being last year where she sang the National Anthem for the Super Bowl 50. This year, she sang a medley of two very well known American songs and many of her greatest songs afterwards:

  1. “God Bless America”

  2. “This Land is Your Land”

  3. “Poker Face”

  4. “Born This Way”

  5. “Telephone”

  6. “Just Dance”

  7. “Million Reasons"

  8. “Bad Romance”

The medley excited many around the stage and the world, especially Lady Gaga fans. Her live performance at the halftime show generated 117.5 million viewers. That is more than the the amount of linear viewers watching and streaming the actual game, which was 113.7 million! The game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons was epic and absolutely amazing! There were many great plays, especially from Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. His clutch game-tying catch and game-winning touchdown were outstanding ! Thanks to him, and the team as a whole of course, the Patriots claimed their well-deserved victory!

Our service provided the compressed CO2 necessary for some of the special effects witnessed. The combination of the songs and cryogenic special effects made an humongous impact on the performance. These effects are commonly used during concerts, tours, and other musical events. It’s little details like smoke and low-lying fog that make one’s performance even more amazing and impressive, and the Super Bowl Halftime Show is no exception! We were very happy to help make the show as awesome as it was, and listening to the cheering it seems the fans did to!

Were you impressed by the special effects used during the halftime show? It is our job to provide the gas needed to make these kind of special effects possible. We help production companies across the United States get timely gas deliveries. We at CO2 Masters offer CO2 as well as a variety of other gases for any application that requires it. If you need compressed gas delivered anywhere in the United States or Canada, visit our gas delivery page to place an order for gas and to learn how our delivery service works. If you have any questions, you may either email us or call us at 877-280-5321.

Special shoutouts go to:

Melvin Velez

Dexter Rutledg

Heidi Degrande @ Strictly FX

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