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CO2 Detection Sentry

CO2 Detection Sentry



There's a new updated model now available. Please check out the upgrade, as this model has been discontinued.

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  • New Model Available

    New updated model is now available. Please Check out the upgrade, as this one is discontinued.

  • Item Details

    The CO2 Sentry is designed to detect the presence of carbon dioxide in ambient air and warn individuals in confined spaces of an unsafe condition. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless gas which normally exists in air. High concentrations of CO2 in confined spaces are dangerous, and may lead to health problems ranging from headaches and fatigue to asphyxiation and death. An audible alarm and visual indication activate when CO2 concentration reaches a pre-set notification level. Detection of high levels of CO2 will also activate a relay that could be used for a fan to ventilate the confined space and reduce CO2 concentrations in the area. The CO2 monitor can be used in cellars, breweries, beverage dispensing areas, incubator applications and CO2 storage rooms.

  • Features

    • Non-Dispersive Infared technology measuring CO2 concentration up to 50,000 ppm
    • Easy-to-read digital display indicating ambient CO2 concentrations
    • Dual mode integrated alarms providing visible and audible indications
    • Relay output can automatically control a fan to ventilate confined space
    • Weatherproof design provides protection from dust and water entry
    • Minimum sensor life of 5 years
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