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CO2 Masters Helps Create Clouds For The Outback Bowl

Football, also known as gridiron outside of the United States and Canada, is one of the most popular sports in America. The fans, the atmosphere, the suspense, and many other aspects of the sport makes each game exciting to watch and be a part of. In the beginning of every year, a battle of the titans comes together and duke it out at The Outback Bowl.


Originally known as the Hall of Fame Bowl years ago, The Outback Bowl is an annual college football game that takes place at the Raymond James Stadium, located in Tampa, FL. It's usually the first bowl game of the year. The beginning of the new year is filled with shaky new year resolutions and college football games, with some of them kicking off as early as 11am in the morning. The Outback Bowl tends to take place on January 1st. This year, the Florida Gators and Iowa Hawkeyes played against each other on January 2nd.


We at CO2 Masters use more than just CO2 as our name might imply. We’re widely known in the industry for supplying other gases too, such as nitrogen, helium, and propane. In this event, we helped support the well known FX team of Atlanta Special FX. We supplied helium for Atlanta Special FX’s Cloudvertising. The gas we provided helped create big clouds that were made into custom shapes and logos.

It was quite interesting looking into the air and seeing your favorite team’s logo floating across the sky. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it disappears as the opposing teams would try to destroy their rivals’ logos by throwing footballs at them. It was quite comical watching what others would do for the sake of popping clouds.

Everyone had a great time watching the action, both the cloud popping and the actual game itself. The game ended 30-3, with the Gators defeating the Hawkeyes! Even though the Hawkeyes fans left with heavy hearts, they left with a gleam of hope for the next time they appear on the field!

It’s a great surprise to see something as unique as a cloud advertising for your team. Our team may not be as athletic as a football team, but we can help get you the gas needed for anything that requires it, even if it’s not as elaborate as Cloudvertising. Need a different kind of gas that’s not helium? We got you covered! We are CO2 Masters, so of course, we carry CO2 as well. Don’t need either of those? Need another form of gas? No problem! We’ve got nitrogen and propane too. We have been said to be full of gas (sorry), and we delivered our gas in Tampa, FL as well as all over the US and CA.

You can contact us if you have any questions and concerns.

Want to place an order for gas now? Click here to head over to our delivery page.

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