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BLACKPINK Received Our CO2 Deliveries in North American Venues

BLACKPINK (from left to right: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa)
BLACKPINK (Wikipedia Commons)

Korean pop culture has been on the rise, with some great dramas and music rewarded with booming success in the west. By far the most influential girl group in the world today is BLACKPINK. The group consists of 4 girls, which the image displays from left to right: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. BLACKPINK first debuted in August 2016. Their songs have topped both South Korea's Gaon Digital Chart and the US Billboard World Digital Song Sales charts. Their newest album entitled BORN PINK is not only their newest & best-selling album, but is actually the most sold album out of any South Korean girl group, period. It’s even the title of their second world tour.

We’re reporting this because we get to help some of the greatest in music. Our job involves delivering & installing industrial gas cylinders to various nightclubs, restaurants, and special events. We’re especially known in the entertainment industry for working with production managers to provide theses services to their special events. Our fast delivery and installation teams work in the United States & parts of Canada.

If you didn’t know, our carbon dioxide cylinders are used in music concerts with the purpose of being the special fx source. The equipment that generates the effects seen throughout the venue needs a source to create them in the first place, and the CO2 tanks can facilitate that need. Venue stages can achieve different vibes and visuals with the right amount of fog and cryo jet blasts with our CO2 tanks hooked to their equipment. Without them, visible beams of light and lasers couldn’t be seen to the human eye either.

BLACKPINK has been on their worldwide tour since October 15th in Seoul, South Korea. When that weekend ended, from October 25th - November 20th, BLACKPINK had traveled & performed in seven North American venues. Our CO2 tanks had gone to these select venues so that BLACKPINK had special fx equipment working and enhancing the magic on the stage. If you saw them recently, you likely went to one of the following venues:

  • American Airlines Center (Dallas, TX)

  • Toyota Center (Houston, TX)

  • State Farm Arena (Atlanta, GA)

  • First Ontario Centre (Hamilton, Ontario)

  • United Center (Chicago, IL)

  • Prudential Center (Newark, NJ)

  • Banc Of California Stadium (Los Angeles, CA)

We delivered and installed our gas cylinders to all seven of them. Our time with BLACKPINK ended on November 20th. Their BORN PINK tour went to Europe on November 30th and they’ll be performing in various other parts of the world up until June 21st, 2023.

Our more common customers work in restaurants and nightclubs, but some of our favorites come from the music industry, as we get to see and help some of the greatest in the industry. Working with BLACKPINK was a great surprise! While they’re moving on to their next location, we’ll be working with other artists, making gas deliveries to their special events. Please speak with our customer service staff if a production manager such as yourself is in need of special FX equipment, as we offer discounts on some of our services for long-term music tours taking place in the United States & parts of Canada. Give us a call at 877-280-5321 or place an order with us online.


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