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We Came As Romans Darkbloom Tour's 24 Locations Getting Gas Deliveries

We Came As Romans is an American metalcore group, first established in 2005. The band consists of lead guitarist Joshua Moore, leading vocalist Dave Stephens, rhythm guitar Lou Cotton, bassist Andy Glass, and percussionist David Puckett. The 5-piece band released 6 albums, with their most recent one entitled Darkbloom. The title was released as a single back in 2021, and the album released in 2022. Now it’s also the title of their next tour.

At the moment, We Came As Romans isn’t on tour, but they will be next year. Starting January 19th, 2023 they’ll be on their Darkbloom tour, and will be going on for a month, up until February 18th. The first five places they will be at are the following:

  • 01/19: Mr Smalls Theatre, (Millvale, PA)

  • 01/20: Theatre of Living Arts (Philadelphia, PA)

  • 01/21: The Palladium (Worcester, MA)

  • 01/22: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)

  • 01/24: Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD)

We Came As Romans will be visiting 24 locations in the United States. The other 19 are as follows:

  • 01/25: Canal Club (Richmond, VA)

  • 01/26: The Underground (Charlotte, NC)

  • 01/27: The Masquerade (Atlanta, GA)

  • 01/28: House of Blues (Orlando, FL)

  • 01/30: White Oak Music Hall (Houston, TX)

  • 01/31: Empire (Austin, TX)

  • 02/01: House of Blues (Dallas, TX)

  • 02/03: The Nile (Phoenix, AZ)

  • 02/04: House of Blues (Anaheim, CA)

  • 02/05: Ace of Spades (Sacramento, CA)

  • 02/07: Hawthorne Theatre (Portland, OR)

  • 02/08: The Crocodile (Seattle, WA)

  • 02/10: The Complex (Salt Lake City, UT)

  • 02/11: Summit Music Hall (Denver, CO)

  • 02/13: Granada (Lawrence, KS)

  • 02/14: Varsity Theater (Minneapolis, MN)

  • 02/15: House of Blues (Chicago, IL)

  • 02/17: The King of Clubs (Columbus, OH)

  • 02/18: St. Andrew's Hall (Detroit, MI)

Our gas delivery services were requested to be delivered to all of them by their production manager. Most metal bands will use special effects such as pyrotechnics and cryofog machines on the stage. Our propane and CO2 cylinders will be in use to get these special fx machines to do their thing during the metal group’s performances. You can expect multiple forms of special effects to create multiple aesthetics while they’re on several stages throughout the course of the month-long tour.

If you’ve ever been to a concert or music festival, you’ve likely caught attention to how the stage ambiance changes to fit the mood of each performance. With the CO2 cylinders installed to the right equipment, they provide the right gas needed to create cold smoke puffs and foggy atmospheres. Meanwhile, the propane tanks, along with the right equipment that it can accompany, can create controlled flames, making for some of the most epic, eye-catching moments of the event.

Again, We Came As Romans will be on tour starting January 2023 and we’ll be delivering our gas tanks to all 24 venues they’re expected to perform at. We hope you can see them on tour, and we wish them a successful year and future!

We make our deliveries for several productions like this all the time. With the end of the year coming and a new one on the way, we’re gonna have a lot of gas deliveries to make in the United States & Canada. If you’re planning any long-term special event, especially ones going on tour, ask us about our gas cylinder delivery services and potential discounts. We offer low, flat rates for our collection of gasses, which include carbon dioxide, helium, propane, and nitrogen. Our professional installers will work with you to get the gas cylinders set up with equipment you have.

No matter how many locations in the US or parts of Canada you need gas cylinders brought to for your special event, we can help you out. Call us at 877-280-5321 or inquire about any offers or head to our online gas ordering page to place your order with us.


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