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CO2 Delivery For All Of Attila's Let's Get Abducted Tour

Attila, the metal-core band was kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia. They have been rocking away to their death metal music since 2005 and have been touring alongside many other metal bands. They are currently touring around the United States, and we have had the opportunity to help them make it epic!

Attila is currently on their Winter 2017 tour: “Let’s Get Abducted”. There have been other bands joining them during their touring journey as well. Those bands would be New Years Day, Bad Omens, and Cane Hill. Of course, to make any concert as epic as possible, there are many elements needed like the the music, the fans, and even the atmosphere of the stage.

The latter one may be a bit minor, but details as small as the stage’s atmosphere actually has an affect on the whole feel of the performance. If you ever pay attention to what’s around the stage, you notice that in most concerts and tours, low-lying fog will cover part of the stage. In some cases, smoke will shoot in the air in sync with the music too. Small things like this add to the tone and atmosphere for every performance. To make those special effects possible, you would need CO2 tanks. We have actually had a part in helping Attila’s tour be as epic as possible by providing the talented group CO2 tanks. They make those small effects on the stage possible.

If your are looking to have fun attending the Let’s Get Abducted tour, you can catch it at the following dates and locations:

  • March 3 Revelery Room (Chattanooga, TN)

  • March 4 The Concourse (Knoxville, TN)

  • March 5 Canal Club (Richmond, VA)

    • March 6 Diesel Club Lounge (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • March 7 Waiting Room (Buffalo, NY)

  • March 8 The Lost Horizon (Syracuse, NY)

  • March 9 Fete Music Hall (Providence, RI)

  • March 10 Irving Plaza (New York, NY)

  • March 11 Chameleon Club (Lancaster, PA)

  • March 12 Arizona Pete’s (Greensboro, NC)

  • March 24 ​ Airhogs Stadium (Grand Prairie, TX)

If you’re planning on going to any of these locations to see Attila, we hope you have fun rocking out to their music! After this tour has reached its end, they will be traveling to Europe to begin The European Chaos Tour, which starts on April 1. So if you are in Europe and you’re a fan of Attila, we hope you enjoy their European Chaos tour!

Special shout out to Max Baldwin, the tour manager for this season. We have had a pleasure working side by side with him on the gas delivery aspect. We have been providing our CO2 tanks for Attila since their first performance for the tour, which was last Valentine’s Day. We will continue to supporting Attila by delivering CO2 to each location they’ll be heading to for the rest of their Let’s Get Abducted tour. We look forward to providing them CO2 cylinder deliveries anywhere in the United States. It doesn’t matter where in America (or Canada) you are. We can send you any compressed gas you may need. While we may be CO2 Masters, we actually carry more than just carbon dioxide. If you need helium, nitrogen, or propane, we got you covered.

Just order gas from us, and we will impress you with our customer service and industry knowledge and experience. Look through our services page for reference. Still unsure of something or have any concerns whatsoever? You can send us an email or call us at 877-280-5321.

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