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CO2 Delivery Made For Blasting Paint in Miami's Life In Color Party

Back in 2006, four colleagues from Florida State University came together and created a giant EDM event company known as Dayglow. Six years later, in 2012, the event company was rebranded as Life In Color. This company is well known for being "the world’s largest paint party". The audience that attend these kind of parties consist of teenagers above 16 years of age and young adults. Most of them being in college. Everyone raves and gets covered in neon water-based paint, while loud music blasts away playing popular music ranging from electronic, house, dance, and dubstep genres. So what does this giant paint party have to do with us?

We are known for providing cylinders filled with compressed gases, especially CO2. That’s why we’re CO2 Masters after all. If you follow our blog, you know we are always provide CO2 for concerts and tour venues, mostly for special effects. With Life In Color, not only are special effects used, but paint is as well. In the field of entertainment, CO2 is used for making low lying fog and shooting smoke in the air. In paint parties, people are covered in tons of paint, as mentioned before in the beginning of this post. One method of getting hit with paint is with people on stage spraying paint at the audience. With the power of paint cannons, neon paint shoots across the sky. Flying colors everywhere! The cannons require a paint source and a compressed air source, or CO2 tank in this case.

CO2 Masters Life In Color

Life In Color holds paint parties all over the country, but they always have a special annual party held in Miami, Florida. Fans of paint parties hosted by Life In Color always look forward to these flagship parties. We actually provided CO2 cylinders for the annual party twice, back in January 2016 and January 2017. Even if what we did could be considered a small contribution that not many will notice, we were still honored to help make this annual party in Miami a huge success. Without those CO2 cylinders, the paint cannons wouldn’t work, and one of the few vital things that make the party fun would be missing. As always we want to give credit were credit is due. Special shout out to Frank Prestigiacomo, the tour event manager, for all of his work! Also, special thanks to our staff member Justin Beneke, who worked closely with Frank!

Wanna go to a rave party with a colorful twist? Life In Color would be a perfect one to attend. Most of these take place in America, but since it is considered to be “the world’s largest paint party”, it will of course tour around the world too. If you’re thinking about going, you’ll need to know where to go and and when the party starts.

  • March 24 East Lansing, MI

  • March 25 Denver, CO

  • April 1 Tulsa, OK

  • April 7 Rochester, NY

  • April 8 Atlanta, GA

  • April 22 Philadelphia, PA

  • April 22 Asunción, Paraguay

  • April 22 San Diego, CA

  • April 29 Columbia, MO

  • May 20 San Jose, Costa Rica

  • May 20 Seattle, WA

If you need CO2 for a paint cannon, we got you covered. Need it for other reasons? No problem! We carry not only CO2, but nitrogen, helium, and propane as well. We are capable of delivering gas cylinders in Miami, Florida, and other areas in the United States and Canada. Our ordering page makes it easy to get a gas cylinder delivered to you. If anything concerns you or you have any questions, you can send us an email, or call us at 877-280-5321.

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