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CO2 Tanks Delivered At Night Nation Run's After Party

Night Nation Run's Rave

Ever ran a 5K before? Or went to a rave? Here’s something you may not have thought of: have you ever done both… at the same time!? Well the Night Nation Run put the two together to make such a concept possible! As the “World’s first Running Musical Festival”, this event has you running a racecourse marked with strobe lights illuminating the trail, and DJ booths giving you music to listen to along the way. Then once you finish, it’s time to rave at the after party. Live DJs and dancers perform on stage while throwing goodies at the crowd. Lots of EDM and special effects are used in these kind of music parties.

CO2 Masters (that’s us) delivers CO2 and other compressed gases for multiple occasions. This is especially used in the entertainment industry. We have helped many music tour managers in the past by delivering CO2 tanks to their concerts. If you’ve read any of our past posts, you probably know very well what they’re used for. Creating fog that lies low on the stage and smoke that blasts up in the sky wouldn’t be possible without CO2 tanks. Since special effects were to be used during the after party, we had the privilege to provide CO2 tanks for Night Nation Run to help make those effects possible.

To add more fun to the party, special guns are used. Cryo Guns shoot cold blasts of smoke to cool down the crowd. It’s a good thing they have that because it’s bound to get a little hot when dancing with a large crowd of people. Confetti Cannons shoot… well, confetti. They’re like party poppers, except they blast way more confetti and upwards of 80 feet in the air. These few things are great ways to hype up the crowd. They both require and connect to CO2 tanks. With cryo guns, you can wear the CO2 tank on your back (like a backpack) while carrying the gun itself. Pretty convenient! Without CO2 tanks, the cryo guns and confetti cannons would be nothing.

If you want to run a 5K and rave immediately afterward, the Night Nation Run might be something you want to check out. Of course the run doesn’t only happen in the United States. It’s a worldwide event. It’ll be heading to Cape Town soon, which is in South Africa. Interested? Check the dates and locations to see if you’re able to attend the Night Nation Run next time you’re able.

  • April 08 Orange County, CA

  • April 15 San Diego, CA

  • April 22 Denver, CO

  • April 29 Anaheim, CA

  • May 06 Buffalo, NY

  • May 13 New Jersey

  • May 13 Cape Town

  • May 20 Chicago, IL

  • June 03 New York, NY

  • June 10 Philadelphia, PA

  • June 17 Washington D.C.

  • June 24 Hartford, CT

  • July 08 Norfolk, VA

  • July 15 Toronto, CAN

The CO2 tanks may not be a very noticeable aspect for most occasions like this, but without them, flying smoke and confetti wouldn’t be possible. That’s why we carry them. Of course, they can be used for other purposes too. We deliver CO2, nitrogen, helium, and propane tanks anywhere in the Unites States and Canada. Ordering gas through the ordering page is easy, but if you want more information regarding how ordering gas works, you can check the services page, email us, or call us at 877-280-5321.

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