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Happy to Provide CO2 Cylinders for All of Lecrae's Tours


Music artist Lecrae Moore has been in the music career since 2004 and is popular for his Christian hip hop songs. Like many other singers, he tours the world singing his music live onstage. With the help of our CO2 delivery service, we have had the privilege of providing their CO2 since 2015.

CO2 is indeed used for concerts. Every onstage performance has a lot of technology going on, whether you realize it or not. Keeping the sound balanced, controlling the lights, and special effects are are few aspects that make each performance a fantastic experience! The latter is what our CO2 cylinders get used for when we get customers involved with the music industry. When you have the cylinders connect to the proper equipment, the special onstage effects are made possible.

When you watch a concert performance, you can see fog or smoke on stage. Sometimes, it may appear within the entire venue. The stage can look foggy, or there can be smoke flying almost out of nowhere. Also, lights and even lasers can be visible shooting across the air. That’s thanks to the CO2 cylinders we provide. These effects are usually expected in concert performances. They create the perfect atmosphere for each song that plays and sometimes even add excitement to the crowds experience. It’s a subtle, yet a very vital detail. One of the few aspects of a concert that help make it a great success. So we were given the opportunity to help Lecrae’s recent performances on his last tour. By delivering the CO2 cylinders to the venue he would be performing at, the equipment used to make special effects were able to work whenever he was on the stage.

It was our pleasure to be one of the few to help his tour be absolutely amazing! We’ve actually worked closely with Lecrae and his production manager Charlton many times in the past (Shout out to Charlton). Of course, we did everything we could to make sure our CO2 cylinders got delivered safely and on time. Thankfully, our efforts proved fruitful and everything went great for his performance! Lecrae is about to do a few shows soon. On July 21st, he’ll be at Atwood Lake Park in Mineral City, OH. On the 22nd, he’ll be at the same place, but Zach Williams will be joining him for the day. After that, on August 31st, he will head to his final destination: Borealis Theatre at the Alaska State Fair, located in Palmer, AK. We’ve been providing the CO2 cylinders for his previous tour, and will continue for the next few times he needs it. If you’re off to see Lecrae at any of the last 3 areas, have fun!

We’re happy we could deliver CO2 cylinders to his shows. They are essential to making special effects on the stage happen, which is one of the reasons why we carry them. Getting a hold of one is pretty easy. As long as you’re anywhere in Canada or the United States, placing an order allows us to deliver gas cylinders to your venue.

For information about how our CO2 deliveries work, check our services page. If you have any additional questions, email us or call 877-280-5321.

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