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Own a Subway? You Might Need A New CO2 Provider

Subway, the world’s biggest submarine sandwich chain. Like many fast food chains, they offer a variety of food and beverages Some of the drinks come in a bottle (usually juice or milk) and a soda fountain, or sometimes referred to as soda dispenser, would store the sodas (and sometimes the occasional juice). How do these machines produce soda so easily?

Each soda fountain has very specific mechanisms built in to make the soda. The CO2 tanks are what carbonate the soda while the syrups flavor it. Usually, the Coca-Cola company would provide the syrup and CO2 tank if you have a business. Granted, the soda fountain needs to be owned by the Coca-Cola company themselves for them to do that. Although now, they’re apparently holding back CO2 tanks for certain companies and businesses, one of them being Subway.

Their reason for doing this, we don’t know. Whether it’d be financial or private business reasons, it seems some Subway restaurants won’t get their CO2 tanks from the popular leader of the beverage industry anymore. While Coca-Cola won't be sending them anymore CO2 tanks, they will continue to provide them with syrup. So at least Subway still provide Coke products. However, carbonation is a vital key to making soda. Without the tanks that hold carbon dioxide, carbonated beverages just won’t be possible. Even the flavor alone won't do them any good, CO2 tanks are a must. Subway will need to get CO2 from another company now. We hope that the situation they’re in will get sorted out soon.

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