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Delivering CO2 for the Worldwide Sensation: Hillsong UNITED!

Hillsong UNITED

We get lots of music artists and bands as customers at CO2 Masters. Many of them are pretty big in the industry. Hillsong UNITED would be one of them. The 11 member band originally started out small as a band exclusive to their own church in Sydney, Australia. This was back in 1998. Their church, Hillsong Church, was known for consistently having fantastic sermons. Combine that with their band’s inspirational music, and they were sure to get quite a bit of attention. Because of that, as time went on, they started performing at multiple churches, then eventually went on tours. Worldwide tours as a matter of fact.

They’ve come to us for a little help with one of their concerts recently. They need to make sure everything looks fantastic throughout their entire performance. We get lots of requests like this. A music group may go on tour and need something to give the stage itself a bit more pop, or to make its atmosphere more appropriate for the song. There is technology capable of such things, and it needs something connecting to it to allow for theatrical special effects to be possible. The CO2 cylinders expel carbon dioxide from the cylinders to the special cryo cannons that create flying smoke and a cool, foggy stage. Music artists use these for adjustments to the stage’s ambiance. It really adds a lot to the song and the performance as well.

We provide CO2 cylinders for these kind of scenarios all the time, so seeing our cylinders used in this application is not uncommon. As mentioned before, we get many requests from these kind of people, and this is because some of our most common customers are a major part of the music industry. We get delivery trucks to transport our CO2 cylinders to many concert stadiums around the United States all the time. We get privileged to work alongside tour managers in charge of arranging their tours for some of the most prominent bands and singers. We definitely had a great time delivering our CO2 cylinders for the team behind Hillsong UNITED. They have certainly gotten large amounts of attention lately!

It’s amazing how both the band and churches just got so big after the few things they did for society, especially when it comes to their impactful music. They went from hobbyists to worldwide phenomenons, even to the point of getting a whole movie all about them. Yeah, September 2016 saw the release of their very own documentary, known as Hillsong: Let Hope Rise. That’s incredible! If you’re in town whenever they are, you might want to see them perform. On June 9th, They’ll be at the Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL. July 21st will see the band at the Redding Civic Auditorium in Redding, CA. After that, On August 5th, they can be found at the Toyota Stadium in Frisco, TX. We hope they continue to keep up their great work. Their presence in the world of music is definitely very special to so many people, and we know they will continue to make more.

Our gas cylinder deliveries are available in the United States and Canada. It’s done via delivery trucks heading towards your workplace or venue. We carry carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, and propane cylinders, each meant for use of multiple different applications. Check our ordering page to learn about becoming a customer at CO2 Masters. For more information about how our gas deliveries work, look through our services page. If you have any additional questions about anything, contact us.

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