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We Got CO2 Deliveries Done for the High-Energy Hip Hop Festival JMBLYA

Hip-Hop Festival JMBLYA

Music festivals are fun! We definitely enjoy them. We recently got to provide a little bit of help to make a music event amazing. That would be the hip-hop music festival JMBLYA, which happened as recently as last weekend actually.

Our job at CO2 Masters is kinda in the name. We work with CO2 cylinders a lot, especially when it comes to deliveries. We get so many requests to make CO2 deliveries for music related events. The JMBLYA music festival did indeed need CO2 cylinders. The reason for this has much to do with how the stage is presented. Music festivals need to add as many exciting features to make an attendee’s experience more fun. Putting the cylinders to operate alongside devices that create puffs of smoke and make the area foggy add so much to the entire performance. The CO2 cylinders are what actually make the mechanisms work. The special effects truly add quite a bit to the action on stage.

They are a bit minor compared to the other technology being operated. The sound and lighting control are pretty important, seeing that music events like concerts usually need those things so that people could see and hear whoever’s up on stage. But when it comes to the atmosphere, linking CO2 cylinders to the right equipment for those special effects is unquestionably important. The cylinders are what the music festival needed, and we were capable of getting them delivered to the event.

JMBLYA took place in two locations, and we made sure we got them delivered days ahead before the festival started. On May 5th, the event took place in Dallas, Texas. May 6th, it was held in Austin, Texas. Various hip-hop artists and rappers were lined up this year. Steve Aoki, Pell, Migos, 6LACK, and Snow Tha Product just to name a few. Chance the Rapper was one of the highlights of the festival. Over 25,000 attended this year! This hip-hop festival only happens two days every year. Next year is bound to be even more epic than last time, with more hip-hop artists, rappers, and fans than last time!

We offer gas cylinder deliveries in Texas, as well as the rest of the United States and even Canada. This is done through our ordering page. If you want to know more about our delivery service, you can read through our services page or contact us if you have any questions.

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