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The Iconic Snoop Dogg Makes Use Of Our CO2 Delivery Service

CO2 Masters is the go-to company when it comes to supplying compressed gas cylinders. Nearly everyday, we get our gas cylinders delivered to unique businesses and locations for all kinds of customers all across America. We get a surprising amount of music artists in need for a CO2 delivery. Some of them are in their humble beginnings, while others are the definitive face of a genre. We tend to get lots of hip hop artists asking us for a little bit of assist with their future shows or even full tours. Snoop Dogg has one of the most iconic names in the world of music, especially when we’re talking about the genre. He’s definitely one of, if not the first person that comes to mind when someone even mentions hip hop.

We’ve had the opportunity to make help out with a few of his recent performances. In the music industry, the cylinders are used by being hooked up to specific equipment. Usually equipment that creates unique theatrical effects. Thick, puffy blasts of smoke and foggy stage environments are just a few examples of theatrical special effects. We don’t provide the equipment that makes these visuals, but we do provide the CO2. It’s exactly what is needed to even make the equipment work in the first place.

It is quite amazing what can be achieved using carbon dioxide, especially when it comes to technology. The CO2-powered special effects are quite impressive and add a lot more excitement to the whole presentation! It definitely added more to Snoop Dogg’s performance and the subtle visuals always amazes the crowd. Without the CO2 cylinders, the special effects wouldn’t be the same. The gas is odorless, cold, and if everything is properly monitored, it’s actually harmless. Thanks to this, people can safely enjoy the entertaining capabilities of carbon dioxide, and Snoop fans definitely enjoyed his performance as well as the special effects on the stage.

Just last month, he’s finished his previous North American tour: Mount Kushmore Wellness Retreat. It originally started out as a two-day festival, but due to the huge amount of positivity, it was extended and made into a sixteen-day tour. Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, Method Man, Redman, and Lil Uzi were a few of the lineups that participated alongside him. Although that tour is now over, he is still having a few other shows coming up. Check below for the next few places he will be at.

  • July 28 Kelowna City Park (Kelowna, BC)

  • August 5, 6 The Speedway in Fontana (Fontana, CA)

  • October 15 Rogers Arena (Vancouver, BC)

  • October 18 SAP Center (San Jose, CA)

Before we forget, we would like to give special thanks to Mike Kinard, the owner of Aerial Art Inc. He’s the production manager, responsible for managing the technical side of tour venues. Things such as equipment needs to set up the proper way and all arrangements with catering need to be confirmed. We would fall into the equipment part of his job. We’ve worked alongside with many times in the past to help with other hip hop and metal tours. It’s always a pleasure to assist with the special effects by not only delivering the CO2 cylinders to the venue, but also hooking it up to the correct equipment. We’re happy to continue supporting the efforts he makes into managing tours for music fans everywhere!

CO2 Masters carries and even delivers compressed carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, and propane cylinders. We assist many companies, businesses, and individual customers in the United States and Canada for their need of compressed gas cylinders almost everyday. You can look through our services page for information about the nitty-gritty of our services, or you can check our delivery page if you’re looking for a quick rundown of how our ordering process works. For additional questions, contact us.

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