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Delivering Our CO2 Cylinders for a Different Kind of Event: Magic Men Live

CO2 Masters is known for its reliable and dependable gas cylinder delivery service. Everyday, we get requests from all sorts of customers in need of a gas cylinder and get our delivery trucks straight to the destination as fast as possible. We get tons of interesting customers that we enjoy doing business with, some of which are for special parties and events. Some are quite prominent in their field of work, while others are hidden gems in the hopes of becoming popular. Looking back at our past blog posts, we post about our CO2 cylinders getting delivered to mostly concerts and music tours quite often, but those aren’t the only special events we provide CO2 cylinders for. We’ve actually delivered our cylinders for unique theatrical shows in the past.

Musicals and live dramas are a few examples of the most common types of entertaining theater. In fact, a few months back we delivered compressed gas cylinders for a music band’s tour that had a live drama as the opening act. That was our first time making a record of the time we helped out with a theater. Now we’re having a second opportunity to share a new experience helping out with a completely different show: Magic Men Live! And when we say “different show”, we really mean a very different kind of theatrical show. In this case, Magic Men Live is more like a ladies night experience. In a way, it’s like a spinoff of Magic Mike, except it’s actually live and has actual crowd interaction. You can probably get a good idea as to what kind of interaction is involved between the guys on stage and the ladies in the crowd. It’s definitely quite a different kind of event compared to most occasions we make deliveries for.

Before any presentations on any stage can begin, the technology needs to be tested and properly set up. Lots of things in the venue and on the stage need setting up. We would help with assisting the equipment on the stage. We carry tons of industrial gases, like carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, and propane. The production manager in charge of Magic Men Live needed carbon dioxide for some special effects equipment, so that’s what we got to deliver for the event. Also, included with our CO2 delivery service, we help install the cylinders on the equipment. Some of the most common theatrical special effects used on a stage would be artificial fog. Usually the fog is unnoticeable because it’s a bit transparent, but its existence allows the lights and lasers to be more visible to the human eye. It’s a small detail, but it’s one that that adds to any performance. We made sure everything was hooked up correctly and well tested before the show started. It’s pretty common for our CO2 cylinder deliveries to be made for special effects machines, but it’s not very often we do it for a theatrical show, especially with one like Magic Men Live, where it's much different from most other shows one would expect to see. Definitely a unique event to help assist!

Many customers take advantage of our compressed gas delivery service for many reasons. Some for common purposes, others for unique events or experiences such as Magic Men Live. We’re able to send carbon dioxide, helium, propane, and nitrogen cylinders anywhere in the United States and Canada. Look through our services page for the basics of how our services work. If you need delivery information, our ordering page will help with that. If there are an concerns at all, contact us.

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