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Our New Partnership! Now Delivering CO2 For Cannabis Grow Communities!

Indoor Grow Room

We at CO2 Masters have been going strong, helping many companies get their gas cylinders as fast as possible. We make continuous efforts to make CO2 deliveries and CO2 installs as simple as possible for our customers. Companies in the medical field, the food industry, and the entertainment industry make great use of our CO2 cylinders, as well as the other gases we provide. We’ve very recently started to make special CO2 deliveries and installs for those in the grow industry, but this time, we’re doing it alongside another company. From now on, when we deliver our CO2 cylinders to grow facilities, we will be teaming up with Grower Masters!

They provide consultations for those in the cannabis grow community by installing and repairing CO2 equipment meant for grow facilities. Having a proper setup of CO2 machinery is important to help keep the plants healthy. CO2 is regularly used to aid the marijuana plant’s ability to photosynthesize. Adding just the right amount of CO2 pressure can do wonders for the speed of it’s growth. Without it, the growing process would take much longer. This is where Grower Masters shines! Their technicians come equipped with CO2 equipment and help set up and install them to get those plants growing at a much faster pace. Of course, their machines won’t do anything unless there is a CO2 cylinder involved. We’re the ones that fill in that missing part. We will be pitching in to help them whenever they need a gas cylinder to get the job done. Our professional technicians will provide and install however many CO2 cylinders necessary to get their equipment working.

We love to supply our customers with compressed gas cylinders, and this special partnership will be a fantastic way of expanding our opportunities to help more people in their time of need! We’re really excited about doing our part to help Grower Masters in this unique industry!

You can check out what services they have to offer at their site. If you book a consultation online with Grower Masters and need a CO2 tank to go with their machines, we’ll provide our CO2 cylinders for your facility at a discount. We not only offer CO2 for cannabis-related jobs, but even for medical, food, and entertainment purposes. We even carry helium, nitrogen, and propane for similar purposes. To rent a gas cylinder from us, head over to our delivery page to place an order for gas now. For more information about our services, we have our own services page that explains everything. Contact us at 877-280-5321 if there are any questions or concerns.

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