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Coachella Festival 2018 Requests a CO2 Delivery for its Music Concert

Coachella @ Indio, California
Image via Andrew Ruiz (

Held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California is the 2018 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. Tons of people will be there, enjoying delicious food, original artwork, and special musical appearances! To help prepare for the festivities, we were able to lend a hand behind the scenes.

One of the biggest aspect of CO2 Masters that makes us stand out from other gas providers is that we appeal to theaters and music festivals and tours, due to our having a large entertainment audience. For the musical side of the entertainment industry, our carbon dioxide tanks are perfect for special theatrical effects. Artificial smoke and fog is made with the use of our cylinders and cryo jets. The smoke blasts in sync with the song, while fog allows for spotlights and lasers to be seen visibly across the air.

These subtle visual effects help make music performances complete, and they wouldn’t be possible without a CO2 cylinder. The staff at the Coachella Festival requested we send them over a few CO2 canisters, and of course, we were able to deliver, literally! The stage is set, ready for special theatrical effects to make the experience more immersive, even in the most subtle way. The concert will certainly be a highlight of the Coachella Festival. A few special music appearances include The Weeknd, Beyoncé, Eminem, and Odesza. Of course, there are way more that’ll show up on-stage, so there may be a chance that your favorite music artists may appear.

The Coachella Festival will be going on for two weekends, from April 13rd-15th and April 20th-23rd. It’ll be a wondrous weekend and festival for the everyone to enjoy. It was great performing our services for this occasion, as we always enjoy delivering CO2 cylinders for festivals like this. To anyone going to Coachella, have a great time!

If you’re looking for an industrial gas delivery service for music events and theater shows, we offer an affordable, high quality service here at CO2 Masters, delivering to thousands of venues located in the United States and Canada. We offer a simple, upfront billing process with zero unnecessary fees and low rate pricing. Also, a single point of ordering and full tour support makes us the number one choice for production companies in America to get their gas delivery. Our services page elaborates more on the services and variety of gases we provide. If you want to head straight to the renting process, you can head over to the ordering page and get started.

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