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CO2 Masters Set The Stage For Miami Music Week at Soho Studio

DJ Party
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A lot of fun is to be had in the popular city of Miami, Florida. Miami Music Week took place just a month ago, from March 20-25. For a whole week, a variety of music artists entertained fans in south Florida. A battle between Heldeep and Monstercat took place on the 21st of March and we were there to see it. Not only that, but we even got to help prepare for the battle by performing our well-renowned gas delivery service.

We have delivery trucks meant specifically to transport industrial gas cylinders. We at CO2 Masters get a lot of requests from production companies to allow them permission to rent our carbon dioxide canisters. Production companies host special events like theater plays, parties, nightclubs, and in this case, music festivals. The two music artists are known for their EDM, and the perfect way to perform for fans is not only with their music, but with special effects. Soho Studios, the venue where the EDM battle took place, was glowing with lasers and colored lights that night, but they wouldn’t appear as vibrant or would even be seen shooting visibly throughout the venue without our carbon dioxide canisters.

CO2 can be used in the entertainment field a add an extra level of immersion. Artificial fog and spontaneous puffs of smoke are created thanks to them. With the help of our team installing them to the appropriate equipment, the stage was ready for the battle. Heldeep Vs. Monstercat lasted from 7PM all the way to 3AM. Our efforts in making our CO2 delivery to Soho Studio was a small, yet important part of the EDM festival.

We perform so many gas deliveries in South Florida, but we also deliver in every part of the United States. We’re known for our cheap, flat rates for industrial gases, a simple payment process with zero surprise fees, and full tour support. This is why so many production companies take great advantage of our services to make special events, like Miami Music Week and Heldeep Vs. Monstercat, a huge success!

We have more details about our services you can look at, but if you want to get started with our rental service, head on over to our ordering page or give us a call at 877-280-5321. We’ll be looking forward to it!

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