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CO2 Masters To Deliver Gas Cylinders To Snoop Dogg's Next Few Concerts

Snoop Dogg

Nearly everyday, a new music festival in the United States takes place. The most iconic of music artists make special guest appearances to these events, and we always get the chance to help the technical side of the concert with the help of our services. We at CO2 Masters are known for our take on industrial gas services, supporting multiple production companies across the United States. The gas cylinders add to the aesthetics of the concerts. Artificial mist and smoke blasts are created with the use of our CO2 canisters. They are delivered and hooked up to the proper equipment to make these subtle visuals possible. Special effects like this are prevalent in concerts, nightclubs, and theatrical shows.

A good chunk of our customers are involved in music, and to assist them, we not only deliver our cylinders at a low price, but even offer full tour support. With this, we’ve been able to help a ton of music artists get their show on the road, even for full tours. For as long as we can remember, we’ve supported artists like Snoop Dogg by delivering our gases to a large chunk of his performances. He’s well known as one of the most popular hip-hop artists out there. We’ve blogged about our services for his performances in the past, as we’ve had many great experiences delivering for his production manager, who manages the venues he’s expected to perform at.

Snoop Dogg has been getting on the stage of many music festivals around the United States lately. To see him, he’ll be at three different music festivals throughout the month of May. On May 5th you’ll see him at the Halftime Music Festival in Tampa, Florida, then the Grizzly Fest in Fresno, California on the 18th, and finally, the BottleRock Music Festival in Napa, California on the 25th. He’ll be in more festivals than that, of course, but those are the three he’ll be in for May.

We’ve been behind the scenes to deliver the gas cylinders needed and will continue to do so for many music artists in the future. With our full tour support, we are more than willing to deliver industrial gases to wherever you plan on performing throughout your entire tour, anywhere in the United States and some locations in Canada. Not only for music tours, but even special shows and parties as well! We offer cheap, low rates and a simple payment process with no unnecessary fees suddenly applied out of nowhere. Simply pay what you asked for, and nothing else. There’s more to our services than that, but we have a set of pages meant to explain more on our services. To get one step closer to getting your hands on our CO2 tanks, you can place an order with us on our site now.

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