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With A Helium Delivery, Artificial Clouds Advertise For Harris Utilities

Tampa Convention Center

From April 30th - May 4th, CS Week 2018 took place at the Tampa Convention Center. CS Week is an annual education and customer service conference aimed for utility companies and those interested in the future of business and technology. It gives everyone more opportunities to learn and network in the utility field and to improve customer experiences. We attended, but we weren’t part of a panel or anything like that. We had to make a gas delivery for a company sponsored at the event: Harris Utilities. They’re a utility company known for providing software solutions that improve overall financial and operational performances.

We are known for our CO2 rental services aimed mostly for production companies. In this case, however, we were to deliver helium tanks, and to a much more professional event, which is quite different for us. Helium is used for mostly balloons, as you probably already know, but we entertainment industry experts know of how to make things more interesting rather than just simply using balloons.

Let’s take the idea of making balloons and blowing bubbles, and combine them together. Now lets add advertising to the formula. That’s what Cloudvertise is all about. With the use of helium tanks and foam, you’re able to make artificial clouds. What’s cool is that the clouds can be cut into custom shapes. With the use of our helium tanks, we got the opportunity to help advertise Harris Utilities right at the Tampa Convention Center. They were used to help creating artificial clouds in the shape of their logo.

Now, we only provided the helium, not the foam or cutting mechanisms. But, we are a part of what makes the unique marketing concept of sky advertising actually work. With the combination of helium, foam, and some proper cutting, Cloudvertising can be a fun and attractive form of guerrilla marketing! Of course, this isn’t left strictly for utility companies at special conventions. They’re suitable for parties, festivals, and especially sporting events. We deliver the helium tanks needed for your everyday balloon fillers, as well as Bubloons, like the ones made at the Tampa Convention Center for Harris Utilities. Plus, we even offer nitrogen, propane, and seeing that our name is CO2 Masters, we also supply carbon dioxide of course!

If you’re interested in industrial gases getting quickly delivered to your venue, we can help. You can check out our ordering page to get started. If you prefer calling instead, that’ll work too. We’ll be waiting for your call at 877-280-5321.

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