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CO2 Masters Delivers CO2 To SMF Tampa For It's First Day

Sunset Music Festival Tampa

We are a company that puts a huge focus on music and theatrical performances. We’re always there at the next big music party, watching the crowd anticipating their favorite DJs and hip hop artists headline on the stage. We’re known for assisting with the special effects featured in music festivals and special theater shows, and we had the opportunity to deliver our CO2 tanks for the Sunset Music Festival.

We delivered our CO2 tanks for the special effects that were present at the festival on Saturday. With electronic dance music being the focus of the festival, special effects such as spontaneous puffs of smoke and atmospheric fog. The former is used in sync with key points in the song playing, while the latter allows for lights and lasers to be seen visibly shooting through the sky. They’re pretty cool, and add hype to the whole presentation!

CO2 Fog Cannons @ Tampa, Florida

This year’s Sunset Music Festival took place in Tampa, Florida at the Raymond James Stadium. Our cylinders were behind the stage and were in operation during the concert, but if you didn't know, the weather was a little questionable. It was pretty gloomy throughout the entirety of the week, as well as the week before. Not a single drop of rain was present on day one though, so that was good! Unfortunately though, while Saturday was a huge success, Sunday’s festivities were cancelled due to the threat of Tropical Storm Alberto. The threat of high winds were the number one concern for the outdoor activities that day, but that didn’t stop people from having a good time. Nearly every headliner that day held their own party for their fans that day. DJ duo BONNIE X CLYDE especially held some after-hours parties at a few different locations, just so that their fans could have a good time, despite the Sunset Music Festival’s forced cancellation.

The festival was great on Saturday, and it’s great to see fans do their own thing alongside with their favorite headliners. We’re glad we got to help out with the music festival. We put such a big focus on the entertainment and event industry and are always delivering CO2 to venues all around the United States. We have low, flat rate prices for all of our gas tanks and even offer full-tour support on our, which makes it a very affordable option for production companies managing special music festivals and theatrical events. No unnecessary fees are included because there’s no reason to pay for something you didn’t ask for. To learn more about our focus, you can look at our services page. To get straight into the renting process, you can head on over to our gas delivery page and place an order from there.

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