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CO2 Masters Delivers to Napa Valley's Bottlerock Festival

Originating back in 2013, the Bottlerock Music Festival 2018 takes place in Napa Valley, California once every year. The first one was a 5-day festival, but after that, they lasted for 3 days. Eventually, it started taking place during the Memorial Day weekend. This year’s was on May 25th - 27th. Each year, a variety of different music artists headline the event. Bruno Mars, Snoop Dogg, and Earth, Wind & Fire were a few featured headliners for this year’s festival. Many other music artists appeared on specific days of the festival, but the few we just mentioned made their appearances on all 3 days. We got to attend the festival. It was pretty cool, especially when we made a CO2 delivery for them.

What was this CO2 delivery for? The special effects of course! When you head to concerts like the Bottlerock Music Festival, you may or may not notice a few features on the stage that are enabled throughout a good chunk of the show. The lights, the lasers, the spontaneous bursts of smoke. The latter is what we kinda specialize in. With the right special effects jets working alongside the CO2 canisters we offer, theatrical effects are made possible.

Because of our focus on festivals and entertainment shows and the fact that the production managers of this event were in need of our CO2 canisters, we drove all the way to the festival in Napa Valley, California to get them set up for special effects. Without them, A pivotal part of the stage would be missing and the festival wouldn’t be the same. It’s used alongside special equipment as a way to add more to flair to the stage. Puffs of smoke are used in sync with the song, while low lying fog helps fit the mood and allows lasers and colored lights to be seen shooting through the air. It’s not only ideal for music festivals, but even theatrical shows and nightclubs.

Of course, we only provide the gas. However, our biggest focus is on the entertainment and event industry. Our gas tanks are available for rent at low, flat rate prices and we even offer full-tour support for your music festival and theatrical shows. Also, we don’t slip in any unnecessary fees are included because there’s no reason to pay for something you didn’t ask for, which makes us the most affordable option for production companies managing special music festivals and theatrical events in need of industrial gas cylinders. To get more about our focus, you can look at our services page. To rent one of our gas cylinders, you can head on over to our gas delivery page and place an order from there.

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