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CO2 Masters Makes CO2 Delivery For E3 2018 Fortnite Tournament

Fortnite Celebrity Pro-AM Tournament at E3 2018

We make tons of CO2 deliveries everyday, usually for music festivals, but we do get the chance to do a few competitions and sporting events. Our focus in the entertainment field allows our team to set up our CO2 cylinders to be used for special effects. Cryo jets, cryo guns, and confetti cannons are common equipment used to add some pop to special events like this and many others. They make the perfect addition to hype up the best and most pivotal moments of any event, and helps fit the mood properly, especially in movies and theatrical shows. This is our first time making a CO2 delivery for an eSports tournament, and of all games, it’s for what is currently the world’s most popular one!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or as everyone knows as E3, is one of the world’s most anticipated events of the year. Tons of companies attend to the event annually to showcase the future of innovative technology, entertainment, and video games. Gamers especially look forward to this event, as their favorite gaming companies usually wait until E3 to reveal some of their biggest surprises of the year. This year’s took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 12-14. Bethesda, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and many indie and 3rd party companies all revealed some great games for their fans and there were some tournaments held for a few popular games. Epic Games made their appearance with their game that took the world by storm: Fortnite. Released last year, the game’s received immense amounts of critical acclaim and is Twitch’s most watched game, all thanks to its Battle Royale mode. They held their very own E3 tournament over at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, California that they called the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am, where 50 teams of 2 compete against each other for charity money and golden pickaxes.

Yes, charities were definitely involved. Epic Games offered a $3 Million prize pool that was going straight to charities. The amount from the prize pool that got donated depended on ranking. Teams ranking from 11th-50th got $20,000 donated to their charity of choice, while the top 10 teams got to donate more. Every team in the tournament got to choose which charity they wanted to donate to, regardless of their overall rank in the tournament!

Twitch celebrities Ninja and Marshmello took first place against another 98 hardcore Fortnite streamers in the tournament. Their victory includes golden pickaxes and a whole $1 Million to donate to a charity they choose. It was a pretty fun event, and we’re glad to offer help with our CO2 delivery.

Ninja and Marshmello

We take many opportunities to deliver CO2 to all sorts of ceremonies, parties, and special events. With our super affordable rental service, full-tour support, professional installation team, and focus on the entertainment and event industry, we are the most affordable choice for production companies in need of special effects while managing parties, movie productions, music festivals, theatrical shows, and sporting events. If your party or special event is in need of industrial gases, especially for the use of special theatrical effects, we’re here! You can place an order whenever you like or call us at 877-280-5321.

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