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2018 MTV VMAs Used CO2 Special FX Thanks To CO2 Masters Delivery

Music Hall Radio City @ New York City

CO2 Masters has been delivering gas for hundreds for special events and music festivals, many of which feature well-known celebrities. We’ve helped many music celebrities bring CO2 cylinders for their concerts, and in this case, we’ve delivered for an award ceremony celebrating the best of this year’s songs and music artists: MTV’s Video Music Awards (though everyone refers to it as the VMAs).

The VMAs have been around since 1984 and usually take place around mid/late summer. This year’s VMAs aired live back in August 20th. It was the 35th annual award show and the 12th time being held at Music Hall Radio City, which is located in New York City. Tons of familiar celebrity musicians speak and perform for this annual event. To mention a few highlights, the main show was opened with Cardi B, Ariana Grande performed God Is a Woman, and Madonna made a tribute to the late Aretha Franklin (although the latter had a bit of a questionable execution). Camila Cabello won two awards: for both Artist of the Year and Song of the Year. There were two more awards presented during the show. Best New Artist was Cardi B, while the Song of the Year was Post Malone’s "Rockstar" (feat. 21 Savage). A few nominee artists include Drake, Ariana Grande, and Bruno Mars.

Since there were many music performances during the ceremony, special effects had to be included somehow. We obviously weren’t in the show, but our CO2 cylinders were used in the middle of the music performances. Carbon dioxide comes in handy for an extra level of atmosphere, something all sorts of performances take advantage of. Most ceremonies and music concerts use this forms of special fx, as atmosphere control using CO2 and the proper equipment would help with adjusting the mood for each song and performance.

Our carbon dioxide tanks have been used in some of the most popular events in the United States, and we were happy to deliver them to an award ceremony like MTV’s Video Music Awards! Our support for such special shows and occasions like this makes us the go-to choice for people looking to give their special event some extra flair. With the help of our delivery service and our team of installers helping out, your nightclub, party, theatrical show, and music festival or tour can feature visuals that stand out from the rest! We are the most affordable gas supplier, especially for those who need a gas tank for special effects. We even have a history of delivering for long-term events, like full music tours and conventions.

Besides CO2, we even carry helium, nitrogen, and propane. Even these gases have their own special uses in the entertainment field. Our gas delivery services are available in the United States and throughout various parts of Canada. You can order our gas cylinders right from here. If you prefer to call instead, you can do so at 877-280-5321.

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