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CO2 Masters Supporting Rock and Roll Express Tour In Full

Rock & Roll Express Tour

Popular American rock bands 3 Doors Down and Collective Soul are touring together, with Soul Asylum appearing as special guest in a few performances. You know a few of their songs, with 3 Doors Down’s popular song being Kryptonite, two of Collective Soul’s best songs being December and Shine, and Soul Asylum’s being Somebody To Shove and Misery. They’re currently in the middle of their Rock & Roll Express Tour, which is going to last throughout the rest of the summer (with one final performance in late October)

We’ll be supporting the their tour in full with our entertainment focused CO2 delivery. We set up our CO2 cylinders for music concerts and festivals. We get many, many requests to get our CO2 tanks delivered throughout a whole tour. We set up our CO2 cylinders to be in use with special equipment that create theatrical effects. Entertainment shows and party hosts use machines capable of creating artificial fog and shooting smoke, confetti, and snow. Carbon dioxide can come in handy for this, since they come straight out of cannons and guns powered by CO2. They help create the atmosphere for the appropriate occasion and sets the mood of the party, and even has its place in music festivals and concerts. With professional use of the CO2 cannons, transparent fog can lightly fill the whole venue, making the rays of light and lasers appear visibly. It’s a subtle way of enhancing the venue and overall experience for the audience.

On July 10th, we delivered our gas tanks to the Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton, which is in St. Petersburg, Florida. Of course the concert rocked, and we got to play a role in its success. We are still delivering to their other destinations will be supporting the Rock & Roll Express Tour throughout its entire course. We plan on doing many more tours like this in the future too. 3 Doors Down, Collective Soul, and Soul Asylum are touring together until September 18 (and then October 27 after a month long hiatus.) The Rock & Roll Express may be in your area now or sometime in the future. There are many, many other places that they’ll be visiting, but these are only a few of them:

  • Zoo Amphitheatre (Oklahoma City, OK)

  • Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (Maryland Heights, MO)

  • RIverside Casino & Golf Resort (Riverside, IA)

  • Clearfield County Fair (Clearfield, PA)

  • The Amphitheater at Bald Hill (Brookhaven, NY)

  • Pier Six Pavilion (Baltimore, MD)

  • New York State Fair (Syracuse, NY)

  • Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort (Las Vegas, NV)

  • Casino Del Sol (Tucson, AZ)

We’re known for our professional CO2 services and we get our gas deliveries done quick! We supply carbon dioxide, helium, propane, and nitrogen, plus we put a big focus on the event and entertainment field. With our low and flat rates, professional install team, and of course, full-tour support, we turn out to be the ideal choice for production companies and party planners. Our gas tanks, in use with special effects, are perfect for music festivals, nightclubs, special parties, sporting events, theatrical shows, and movie productions. You can place an order with right away from our ordering page. If you prefer the ordering process to be on the phone, that’ll work too. We’ll be waiting for your call at 877-280-5321.

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