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CO2 Delivery At Chicago, Illinois In Time For Lollapalooza 2018

Bruno Mars is a 20-time Grammy Award nominee and multi-Grammy winner. The singer, songwriter, producer, musician has sold well over 170 million singles worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time. He made an appearance at Lollapalooza to showcase his award winning skills to his fans in the area. Lollapalooza first came to be in the year 1991 and eventually became an annual event as the years went by. This year's Lollapalooza began on August 2nd and ended on the 5th, lasting for a whole 4 days. It took place in Grant Park, located in Chicago, Illinois

It was 12 hours prior to Bruno Mars' on-stage performance when an emergency CO2 delivery was requested for his onstage performance. One problem... everyone was booked solid due to the 100,000+ people who partake of this festival every day. CO2 tanks were nearly impossible to get a hold of. So many companies and other special activities were also in need of a CO2 delivery in Chicago. Despite this, we were able to deliver. Not only did we rent CO2 tanks to get delivered for his performance at Lollapalooza, but we did it with all odds against us, with some time to spare.

The CO2 tanks were used as part of special effects for concerts. The special FX took place without a hitch and without the audience having any idea of the amount of effort made by so many different people to make the whole event a success. We'd like to give special thanks to all the hard working production teams, stage hands, and managing staff who work so hard to make these event possible! All the resources that are involved to make this event possible are quite impressive, and this is where we come in! We understand all the equipment and how urgent it is to get every delivery completed.

We make sure things get done right the first time around so that you aren't placed in stressful positions. What's more is that we have one point of contact and flat rate pricing across the entire United States & Canada. This gives you power over your expenses and gives a great level of simplicity when it comes to payment and billing. With over 8 years of event industry experience, we at CO2 Masters do what all other gas providers can't.

If you own a special FX company and need a reliable CO2 source, or just simply need a last minute CO2 delivery, we're here for you. Feel free to speak with our seasoned staff regarding your next special event, especially if you're in need of a CO2 delivery for music tours or a music festival. Our promise is that we will not stop until we have exhausted all avenues to make your event possible. We perform CO2, helium, propane, and nitrogen tank delivery almost everyday. To learn more about everything else we offer and are capable of, take a quick look at our services. To rent your gas tank of choice from our site, order now from our ordering page or call now at 877-280-5321.

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