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CO2 Masters Deliver CO2 Cylinders for Odesza at Panorama NYC 2018


ODESZA is one of the most iconic electronic music duo in the world! They made their debut back in 2012 creating chill, electropop music, popular all around the world. Most of their music have summertime or emotional vibes and will feature the occasional guest singers. ODESZA is constantly appearing in multiple shows all around the world. On late July, they were at the Panorama Music Festival, an all-ages annual musical event that originated in 2016 and takes place in New York. This year’s Panorama was held in Randall’s Island Park from July 27th-29th.

ODESZA at Panorama Music Festival, New York City

Of course, Panorama needs some flair, especially for Odesza’s time on the stage. Every music festival needs to have some flashy lights and atmospheric displays. While we are an industrial gas supplier, we help to accomplish such feats with our professional CO2 tank delivery services. Carbon dioxide plays an important role in making CO2 special FX for many shows and performances around the world. These additions add some extra oomph to presentations and performances of all sorts with its spontaneous and atmospheric visuals. They are a fantastic and exciting addition for music festivals like this.

With our tanks linking to some special FX equipment, visuals like puffs of smoke and fake fog are achievable. They’re even better to watch when the area is dark or when it’s night outside. We get many requests for a CO2 delivery music festivals can take advantage of for this very reason. It helps create a better experience for the audience when the effects are utilized professionally and at just the right moments. The use of special effects were great, and Odesza made a killer performance during their time at the Panorama Music Festival. It was a pleasure being able to help set up the stage for one of the greatest electropop music artists during their performance. They’re still traveling around the world almost everyday and they’re soon to start their next tour in late September: A Moment Apart.

With the help of our CO2 delivery for New York City’s Panorama, the music festival was a huge success! We help play a subtle role in making many music festivals become huge successes. You can add some great theater effects powered by carbon dioxide, and our team will be more than happy to set you up with all the CO2 tanks you need. We’ll help hook our industrial gas tanks to whatever equipment it needs to be linked with.

We make our well-renowned CO2 deliveries in New York, as well as the rest of the United States. Whether you request your gas delivery months in advance or make a “last minute” order, it won’t matter. We will do whatever it takes to get our tanks delivered to your special event, theatrical show, or party, despite whatever inconveniences come along the way. If you need a different kind of gas other than carbon dioxide, we have three others for you to choose from: helium tanks, nitrogen tanks, and propane tanks. We’re looking forward to delivering our cylinders over to your venue. You can get started here, or we can take your gas order if you call us at 877-280-5321.

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