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We Deliver CO2 Cylinders to EDM Festivals for DJ 4B

Electronic dance music is a worldwide favorite music genre, and tons of new aspiring new artists try their hand at DJing. Many of them have a humble level of popularity and look for opportunities to publicly display their music skills in any way possible. Only a few manage to make it big. DJ 4B is one of the few that made a big impact on the EDM community.

Back in 2013, he started off his career by dabbling into personal mashups, teaching himself how to DJ for local teen parties. His popularity really kicked off after creating his hit single Pop Dat. Released back in 2015, it’s become a track that has become a staple found in EDM festivals around the world. He’s even gotten support from other DJs such as DJ Snake and Skrillex in the middle of his growing success. Back in early June, he held his own 3-day event: 4B & Friends. From June 4th-8th, all his loyal fans went to Los Angeles to see him and celebrate with his personal music.

CO2 Masters (that’s us) are very well known to support these kind of experiences with our CO2 deliveries. As long as you have access to the proper tools that make special effects and link them to a carbon dioxide tank, you’ll be capable of creating artificial fog and forming puffs of smoke fog. It works wonders adding a level of control to the overall ambiance. It’s used a lot in music festivals, with some of our more common types being EDM festivals.

We make gas deliveries to many music festivals for so many musicians and DJs that have been performing for years, but it’s always nice to perform our services for ones that are relatively new to the industry. We wish the best for 4B’s future and career! If you’re interested in this guy’s DJing talent, it’s possible he may be in your area. He’ll be making another four appearances throughout the rest of this year. Maybe your city might be on the list below?

  • October 2nd: Vision & Colour Festival (Wuhan, China)

  • October 27th: Sam Houston Race Park (Houston, TX)

  • November 9th: Tinker Park (Orlando, FL)

  • November 24th: The Regency Ballroom (San Francisco, CA)

CO2 gas deliveries are what we specialize in at CO2 Masters. Our services are found throughout the United States and even in some parts of Canada. We support those who need gas cylinders for basic applications, but we especially cater to parties, festivals, and concerts interested in enhancing the experience with visuals that wow the crowd! Our CO2 tanks are an integral part of these visual feats. Without them, your events and celebrations could be missing something truly unique and special. We get lots of requests from companies looking for a gas delivery service that support these kind of events, as well as one that offers full-tour support. Of course, we fit the bill! We promise to do whatever possible to get your gas order over to venue, and we won’t stop until things just simply won’t work out.

We’ll be more than happy to deliver to your venue! You can place an order for gas here. If you prefer ordering over the phone instead, you can call us at 877-280-5321. We’ll be waiting for your call.

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