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Starting the Year Off With Gas Delivery at Outback Bowl 2019

Football is a favorite sport in America. There are tons of special games happening all year round in the world of football, with the most popular one being the Super Bowl. The very first one of the year is always the Outback Bowl. This college football bowl originated back in 1986 and is usually held at the Raymond James Stadium on New Year’s day. This year’s game was no exception. The Iowa Hawkeyes played against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. We got to make our way over to see the game, but also to deliver our gas cylinders for the stadium.

We’ve serviced many stadiums in the past few years. In these places, most of our CO2 gas cylinders get operated in parties, shows, nightclubs, and many celebrations, as our services are appealing to many companies in the entertainment industry. On occasion, they’ll be in sporting events, and this was a special opportunity for us. We’ve actually got to service this college football game before, just two years ago when the Florida Gators and Iowa Hawkeyes battled each other, with the Gators coming out on top. Delivering our gas cylinders to the game again was a privilege.

Our gas tanks are usually operated alongside special fx equipment. In most cases, our CO2 tanks are installed to cryo jets and confetti cannons for creating special visuals. In this case at the Outback Bowl, we had helium tanks hooked up to equipment capable of making custom cloud shapes. There actually is equipment capable of making cloudlike formations and cutting them into custom shapes. The clouds were formed into the logos of each team's logo and rose up before the start of the game. You could be sitting in your seat and out of nowhere, a bubbly little cloud shaped as your favorite team’s logo floats up into the sky. It’s a neat little thing to see while waiting for the game, and it was cool that we got to have a share in this unique form of special fx and advertising for the game!

Artificial Clouds made with Helium

Speaking of the game, it was actually pretty memorable. The Iowa Hawkeyes defeated the Bulldogs with a score of 27-22. Nick Easley made MVP of the game, contributing two touchdowns and 8 catches for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Overall, the game was a fantastic way for football fans to begin the year!

We loved the game and being given the opportunity to service it for special fx. It’s not often we get to perform a helium delivery for sporting events. We anticipate many opportunities to service sporting events in the near future. We get a lot of requests to deliver gas cylinders to many special events, especially for the purpose of installing them on special fx equipment. We offer super affordable flat rates on all of our gases, including nitrogen, propane, and of course, carbon dioxide. Other benefits include our installation team, which assists with the overall industrial gas installation setup, and our full-tour support, which is of great help for anyone managing music tours, theatrical shows, and other special performances across the United States and parts of Canada.

We have supported so many unique events over the past few years. So many to the point where we are the number one choice for production companies, nightclub managers, and party planners! You can be next by place an order online for a gas rental anytime of the day. If you prefer calling us instead, you can do so by dialing 877-280-5321.

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