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We Will Be Making CO2 Deliveries To KISS's End of the Road Tour

KISS is one of most influential punk rock bands in history. Although they’ve been around since 1973, they are soon to be leaving the music industry. As their way of saying goodbye to their fans, they began their final worldwide tour, entitled “End of the Road!” It’s a big celebration of everything they’ve done and accomplished. It’ll be lasting almost all year.

We have the honor of servicing this tour for the rest of the year. We pull off CO2 deliveries all throughout the US country. We drive them over to production companies, nightclubs, and stadium venues for various applications. Our CO2 rental service is super convenient for venues having different special events. That’s where we come in. While the tour is taking place worldwide, we’ll be delivering our CO2 tanks over to the American venues KISS will be appearing in. We get commissioned to drive to concerts in the US all the time. Each venue KISS appears at will need special theatrical effects. That can be made easy with our CO2 tanks.

Carbon dioxide tanks are commonly operated in industrial environments, but in most cases, our tanks get used in the music industry. The gas is natural, odorless, and a bit chilly. They are a perfect way to make stunning visual effects while keeping the crowd cool. You don’t want the area to be uncomfortably hot in temperature, and the use of CO2 cryo jets can help with that a bit. As for what the actual visual effects look like, the cryo jets make spontaneous bursts of cool smoke. They’re typically used in sync in the song. It can make an already awesome song even more epic. Also, carbon dioxide tanks can get fog machines to fill the venue with transparent, artificial fog. They play a role in making not only its own special effects, but even the other visuals included in the concerts. The spotlights and lasers can be seen visibly shooting through the stadium by them reflecting off the fog.

These special effects are definitely gonna be found at KISS’s final tour. They need to be. That’s why we’ll be delivering our tanks to every venue they’ll be at just in time for their performances (at least in the US). The tour will last until early December. Since it’s a worldwide tour, they’ll be making appearances outside the US, like Mexico, Italy, and Germany. If you’re in the United States, here are only a few notable locations the group will be visiting:

  • Little Caesars Arena - Detroit, MI (Mar 13th)

  • Madison Square Garden - NYC (Mar 27th)

  • State Farm Arena - Atlanta, GA (April 7th)

  • Amalie Arena - Tampa, FL (April 11th)

These are only a few of the many places they’ll be appearing in for the next 10 months, and that's only within the United States. It’ll be worth going to see KISS at least one more time, as they won’t be around to make music anymore after this. KISS has had a fantastic 45 year career, and to see them celebrate their best moments is a perfect way of saying goodbye. We wish the best for the members of KISS during and after their final tour!

While we don't carry special fx equipment, we offer a rental service for CO2 tanks, which we can install onto said equipment. They’ve had a history of getting installed to cryo jets, cryo guns, confetti blasters, and many more. We carry all the carbon dioxide tanks necessary for these machines and for many other applications too. If you’re planning a full-length music tour, we can support it all the way through by delivering to the venues in the United States. If you’re in need of industrial-grade CO2 tanks, we’ve got you covered. We even got propane and nitrogen gases available for rent too. You can place a gas rental order online here or by calling us at 877-280-5321.

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