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Country Music Awards To Get CO2 Special Effects Throughout The Night

Today, at 8PM, the Country Music Awards will take place. The CMAs have been around since October 1967 and are held on an annual basis. It serves as a great opportunity to award the best country music artists for their great work over the past year. This year’s award ceremony will be held at the Grand Garden Arena, which is in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. We are gonna attend the Country Music Awards with the goal of delivering our CO2 cylinders to this special event.

We’ve been to many exciting special ceremonies like this before. We were requested by the staff behind the CMAs to allow them to rent our gas cylinders. Our rental and delivery service has been known to be fast, simple, and super affordable, so we were their best choice for a gas rental service. Our CO2 cylinders played a role in making special theatrical effects, of which you would commonly see in music festivals, theatrical shows, movies, nightclubs, and award ceremonies.

The Country Music Award ceremony is a music-related event. These special events tend to see the use of a lot of lights and CO2 theatrical effects, so what better way to use them than with a celebration of the best of music (country music in this case). Our carbon dioxide tanks are commonly used in the entertainment field to make the rays of light visible throughout the stage. At times, they’re used alongside special equipment that produces artificial puffs of “smoke”. It’s not actual smoke, but instead a really chilly blast of carbon dioxide air. Don’t worry, CO2 is safe and is even a natural gas. In the ceremony, it’ll help enhance the atmosphere of both the stage and the audience, getting all of the lights and colors to travel throughout the venue.

We’re looking forward to seeing the awards take place in Las Vegas Valley, and we’ll be excited to see our services play its role tonight! We hope to continue doing business like this in the future, with more opportunities to celebrate the best in people and what they do best. We are always open for special events and celebrations of all sorts. The gas tanks can be of great help with special effects, making your event more exciting! If you’re managing a music tour or theater tour, we can support it all the way through, delivering our gas tanks to every location within the United States! Actually, we deliver anywhere in the USA and even in some parts of Canada and have been known as the best gas delivery service for movie studios, nightclubs, stadiums, and restaurants! If you need carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or propane for any means, especially special fx, we can help.

To get a gas tank delivered in your local area, you can place an order for gas over here. If you prefer placing an order over the phone, you can call us at 877-280-5321.

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