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We Got CO2 Deliveries at Usher's Exclusive Trifecta 2019 Performance

We at CO2 Masters have a love for special events and unique opportunities that allow people to enjoy life and each other’s company. Earlier this month in Louisville, Kentucky took place of the Kentucky Derby, a highly anticipated horse race that is held on an annual basis and at its very own Churchill Downs racetrack. It all took place on May 3rd, and it was a great race. However, not only was the Kentucky Derby happening, but so was the Trifecta. This was a black tie party that took place during the race. The Derby fans would place their bets on which three horses in the race would place highest. Each horse and their placements would have an effect on the winning amount. The event also supported a few charities, two of which supported medical health.

Every year has someone making an exclusive performance for the event. This year, Usher was chosen to fulfill this role. He’s an R&B artist who started his career back in 1994. To this day, he has a strong following and great songs. He had the privilege of providing the music and live performance for everyone who attended. Speaking of music, we love music concerts and music festivals of any sort. They give us an opportunity to not only discover more unique events and experiences in the music industry, but even get the chance to help out with them behind the scenes. What we do is deliver our gas tanks to the venue where the event is taking place in, unload them, and install them to whatever equipment needs it. Its our unique CO2 delivery service that’s been ideal for many entertainment events, and especially for the ones with a focus on musical performances.

There is a lot going on with music stages besides the musicians and singers doing their thing up there. So much technology is in operation during the whole performance, with lights, sound balancing, and special effects all being taken into consideration. Yeah, even the technical side of things help make the show a big success! With us, our CO2 tanks are used in the music industry for the special effects. They are visuals that enhance the environment and even the beauty of the stage.

In the case of the Trifecta, Usher’s performance saw the use of colored beams of lights and artificial fog, thanks to the right equipment and our CO2 cylinders. The special effects actually required our cylinders to be installed. Otherwise, these types of special effects wouldn’t be possible. We have performed our gas deliveries for this very purpose multiple times for music events even bigger than this, but even so, it’s still an honor to service the Trifecta.

The Trifecta was a great special event to service for, especially with it taking place alongside with the Kentucky Derby. There’s going to be another one next year, and it’s bound to be another great race to see. And because the Trifecta always happens alongside the Kentucky Derby, there’s bound to be another exclusive performance by another great music artist. Maybe we will have the privilege of servicing that one too? Only time will tell.

Our gas tank rentals play a role in the preparation side of things. Most of our regular customers are hosting music festivals, concerts, theatrical shows, nightclubs, and parties. Plus, with our full tour support, our gas delivery services can help music tours, making their way to every location. We can deliver anywhere within the United States and in some parts of Canada. If you need to rent any of our gas cylinders, we’re here for you! Our CO2 gas delivery won’t disappoint. Also, besides carbon dioxide, we even carry nitrogen and propane tanks. The ordering process is easy and uncomplicated, and you won’t need to worry about hidden fees or extra charges. We believe in only charging for what you pay for! Just place an order for gas with us online or give us a call at 877-280-5321.

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