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Electric Daisy Carnival Flashes CO2 Special Effects With Machines and Gas Delivery

Electronic dance music and its diverse array of subgenres has garnered a large cult following over the many decades it's been around for. Its culture is highlighted with large special parties with booming electronic sounds, bright and colorful lights shows, lots of dancing, and lots of people just looking to have some fun. Most of these EDM parties take place either indoors in the dark or outdoors deep into the night, and each one is special in their own unique way.

From May 17th-19th, the state of Nevada saw the Electric Daisy Carnival. This bombastic EDM festival celebrates love and creativity. It boasts own unique visual style, combining technology and nature to create an environment that stands out from other EDM festivals. Plus, EDC had a whopping 8 separate stages, each with crazy big designs representing each one. The environment alone creates a huge amount of wonder and spectacle, and the concerts themselves were extraordinary, with a visually flashy stage and special effects abound.

We actually played a small part in making the spectacular visual elements of the concerts. Our CO2 tanks and propane tanks work alongside special equipment that creates visual effects that paint the stage with stunning effects that add a great level of beauty and hype to each performance. Fireworks, pyrotechnics, cryojets, and cryoguns all played their role, and with our gas tanks, these machines were able to work perfectly.

With our industrial gas cylinder delivery service, we got our gas tanks to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which was where EDC was held, in a heartbeat. Even all eight stages of EDC made use of our gas tanks to make special effects. Whether you were there or not, you can bet those special effects played a great role in making all 3 days of the Electric Daisy Carnival a phenomenal success! If you’re looking for another opportunity to see when EDC will be available, its heading off to South Korea next, but this upcoming autumn, it’ll be in Orlando, Florida.