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Fortnite World Cup Finals Getting CO2 Delivery At Arthur Ashe Stadium

Fortnite World Cup @ Arthur Ashe Stadium

The esports scene is pretty exciting, with another Fortnite tournament diving into the world! Fortnite has been quite the phenomenon in the gaming industry, with it being the most popular game in our modern day. Well over 40 million people every month log in to play . With such a popular game comes many opportunities for the fans of the game to arrange special events, to play together cooperatively and competitively.

Back in April, Epic Games, the team behind the game, hosted the first round of the Fortnite World Cup. Each round of the Fortnite World Cup took place on the weekend, and the rounds alternated between solo and duo rounds. Winners were eligible for winning money from the $100M prize pool. In the final round, everyone left competes for the remaining $30M. Every finalist is guaranteed at least $50K when they leave, while the Solo Champion leaves with $3M!

We aren’t part of Fortnite's competitive scene, but we are performing our usual CO2 delivery services for the tournament. We are known for our gas delivery service being aimed especially for the entertainment industry. We’ve assisted many events like music festivals and sporting events so that they can get CO2 tanks installed to special effects equipment. Combining our CO2 cylinders with the equipment creates theatrical effects that are perfect for celebrating the best of people and team players. The CO2 cylinders allow for the machines to create all sorts of effects, like artificial fog. Some machines are capable of blasting confetti or puffs of smoke over 100 ft in the air.

Arthur Ashe Stadium @ New York City

The final battle royale is being held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, which is in New York City. The finals have taken place from the last 2 days, and today's the last day of epic Fortnite action. We’ll be there to make our CO2 delivery to the stadium too. We’ll be looking forward to seeing the true finals! In the meantime, enjoy watching the games live on Twitch.

If you’re in need of a gas cylinder, we can get it delivered anywhere within the United States and parts of Canada. Our gas tanks are used in a variety of applications, from cooking to special effects. If your event is on tour and will be taking place in multiple locations within the United States, we are more than capable of delivering to each location! In some cases, we can even get our gases to some parts of Canada. Our top-notch services are affordable, convenient, and have been the number one choice for countless production companies, sporting events, nightclubs, parties, and heck, even eSports events! They’ll be the perfect addition to any special occasion you’ll be managing.

If you’re ready to rent one, you can order gas tanks from our order page. Either that or you can call us at 877-280-5321.

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