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Paul McCartney's "Freshen Up" Bring Special Effects and CO2 Deliveries Onstage

Paul McCartney's Freshen Up Tour
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Remember the Beatles? Of course you do! They were one of the greatest bands to exist throughout the 60s. Although the band has been disbanded for years and the majority of its former members have unfortunately passed away, their legacy has influenced modern music as we know and has inspired. Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are still alive and doing well. Ringo has his own band, known as Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band (clever). Paul McCartney is still a musician too and also formed himself his own band, Wings, which is no longer active anymore. Nowadays, he plays solo, and is still doing great in his music career. In fact, we’ve had the opportunity to attend his recent tour: Freshen Up.

What we do, at CO2 Masters, is offer the best CO2 delivery service in the United States. We get them delivered quickly and safely. We’ve serviced hundreds of events with a focus on fun, good times, entertainment, and music. From conventions to music festivals and theaters to full-length music tours, we cater to all sorts of special events that need to quickly rent a carbon dioxide tank. In these types of events, our gas tanks are typically used in the form of special effects, which are extra visuals seen on the stage.

For Paul McCartney's music tour, special effects equipment are used and powered by our industrial CO2 tanks. The gas is safe to work with when controlled and monitored properly. With professionals at work, you can find puffs of cold smoke, usually activating in tune with the music. Then there are fog machines, which are capable of changing the environment and atmosphere with artificial fog. It also allows for lasers and beams of light

Most all music related events use these for those exact reason. The whole point of these special effects are to give the stage an environment to fit each song. It even makes the performance itself look better. They’re small details that leave an impact on the entire audience, adding spectacle and an extra level of excitement to the overall experience. For Paul McCartney, his music tour is using special effects throughout its entirety, so we’re helping him out!

To see a legend keep playing music for a living is pretty awesome, but to assist with his current tour as much as we can is an honor! Thanks to our CO2 delivery service, we’re able to help make his ongoing tour something worth remembering! While his tour is taking all throughout the world, we’ve been supporting the Freshen Up tour by delivering our gas tanks to all the cities Paul will be visiting for the tour within the United States. Some of those upcoming locations and their venues include:

  • Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Greenville, SC

  • PNC Arena, Raleigh, NC

  • Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, LA

We plan to do so many other music tours like Paul McCartney’s Freshen Up tour. If you’re in the middle of arranging a music tour, musical, theatrical performance, or other experiences, we can help! We are capable of delivering to multiple locations throughout a long period of time, thanks to our full length tour support services. This is one of our many great, affordable services for anyone who needs to rent a CO2 gas cylinder. Even if you only going to need a gas tank for one location, we can deliver it there as many times as you may need. Our prices for gas don’t fluctuate and they are pretty affordable.

Whether you need carbon dioxide, propane, or nitrogen, our fantastic team of truck drivers and gas tank installers can get your business special event ready with gas tanks all set up and ready for use in no time. If you’re in the United States or in certain parts of Canada and are in need of renting a gas cylinder, we’re here for you! Just place an order from our ordering page over here to get. If you would like to call instead, you can do so and dial 877-280-5321.

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