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TV Studio Gets Our CO2 Deliveries For Patriot Act Netflix Original

Netflix is one of the earliest pioneers of online streaming. Everyone knows of Netflix and its huge list of movies and original shows. Back in late October of last year premiered the Netflix Original talk show series known as Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. The show, hosted by Hasan himself, is a talk show with him commenting on the latest on modern culture, global news, and politics.

We deliver industrial gas tanks fit for a variety of applications, mostly for the use of theatrical special effects. Our rental service has been ideal for production managers in charge of music festivals, theatrical shows, and in this case, movie and TV studios. What do special effects do? Simple. They add visuals that help set the right mood for the scene. Depending on what the scene is, you may need a little change in atmosphere. Sometimes, something as simple as the star of the show making an entrance may need to be a little dramatic. At times, you can notice a lot of the stage and even the color getting blurred behind Hasan. Even the light use of artificial fog will affect the lights, making them appear visibly soft. It allows for some interesting lighting tricks.

Besides these atmospheric alterations appearing in the Patriot Act's footage, promotional pictures, posters, and screenshots make good use of special effect machines, believe it or not. Photographers and cameramen are usually expected to get the best shots of their subjects without too much digital editing afterwards. They have to experiment and play around with the machines and the available spotlights to get just the right shot. Doing this makes the shots professional and more genuine. It even leaves a better impression on the viewer, potentially telling them the tone of the show or even what the host is like.

There are a lot of great shows to see on TV. The team behind this Netflix Original hired us to get the gas tanks necessary for these special effects. We got to do this for the past 3 seasons. This went on for 19 episodes. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj returned back to Netflix just last Sunday with a fourth season. The show is scheduled to air new episodes every Sunday, if it’s the kind of show you enjoy.

Our goal is all about delivering CO2, propane, and nitrogen tanks for all sorts of purposes, especially when it comes to the entertainment field. We get to deliver CO2 tanks to a lot of sports stadiums, theaters, EDM festivals, and even full length music tours. We have open spots for anyone needing to rent gas tanks for TV studios and movie studios too. Our services have been known to be very professional, genuine, and super affordable. We keep our prices at a low, flat rate. No one needs to pay so much money for a gas rental.

With our gas tanks working alongside your special effects machines, your movie or TV series can get properly set up for special effects. Our team of drivers and installers can get the job done easily. To rent our CO2 tanks, propane tanks, or nitrogen tanks, you’ll need to place a gas tank order over here. If you prefer ordering over the phone, you can do that too. We can talk to you by calling us at 877-280-5321.

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